Issue #177

19 March 2020

Issue #177
An Editorial Note

Indeed these are difficult times for everyone. I hope you are safe and socially distancing.  

Here's a list of volunteering opportunities in case you're interested:

If there are other helpful resources I can share with the community, please let me know. Even if you feel like saying hello, hit reply. 
Work in the Time of Corona
- Alice Goldfuss
#RemoteWork #Productivity
tl;dr: Tips on working from home but also an important reminder that this isn't normal. It's okay to feel unproductive due to stress. Monitor your mental health and be kind to yourself and others. 
#RemoteWork #Management
tl;dr: As you are transitioning to work from home managing remote teams and processes, there is a 7 step plan laid out here.  
tl;dr: Tips from StackOverflow's remote employees on working from home. Have a designated space, keep a schedule and routine, and more. 
tl;dr: When you don't much time to write tests, try this: (1) Generate an output you can snapshot (2) use test coverage to find all input combinations (3) use mutations to verify your snapshots. 
#GitHub #Design
tl;dr: A critique of GitHub's new UI, which is currently being rolled out. It has more of an emphasis on notifications and more buttons. 
- Ian Cartwright & Martin Fowler
tl;dr: Asked to perform assessments on architecture, the question that doesn't come up is "how different systems contribute to business value, and how this value interacts with these other architectural attributes." 

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- Nikita Sobolev
#Management #Architecture
tl;dr: Logging doesn't make much sense in monitoring and error tracking. There are better tools. It adds complexity to architecture, requires more testing and is incredibly hard to do right. 
Dos And Don'ts In Open Source
- Ólafur Páll Geirsson
#OpenSource #BestPractice
tl;dr: Ólafur is a prolific contributor to OS. He tries to avoid unproductive discussions and focus on work. He outlines his dos and don'ts, applicable to both maintainers and contributors. 
tl;dr: "This collection of courses and learning resources aims to improve your technical documentation. Learn how to plan and author technical documents. You can also learn about the role of technical writers at Google."
#Facebook #Timedata
tl;dr: How FB improved accuracy from 10 milliseconds to 100 microseconds and verified these results in our timing laboratory.
- Nat Friedman
#GitHub #NPM
tl;dr: "Npm is a critical part of the JavaScript world. The work of the npm team over the last 10 years, and the contributions of hundreds of thousands of open source developers and maintainers, have made npm home to over 1.3 million packages with 75 billion downloads a month."
tl;dr: "Eliminate database-related roadblocks on the way of developers, DBAs and QA engineers"

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