Issue #122.1

13 December 2018


Pointer is a Reading Club For Developers.
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On Leading Engineering Teams
Simon Young, Senior Engineering Manager for at The LEGO Group.
A Recap of Frontend Development in 2018
Trey Huffine, Software Engineer at Postmates 
$10,000 Fellowships For Women Working On Open Source Programming Projects, Research, and Art
- Rachel Vincent, Director of Operations at the Recurse Center
Little Known Features of JavaScript
- Viral Shah, Passionate Programmer, Wishful Writer, Rookie Gamer, Potential Philosopher
A Good Developer Says NO
- Diego Velasquez Castro, CS Student at Costa Rica Institute of Technology 
Etsy’s Experiment with Immutable Documentation
Paul-Jean Letourneau, Product Engineer at Etsy, Former Data Hacker at Wolfram
The State of Web Browsers
Ferdy Christant, Web Developer
Piecing Together GraphQL
Paul Christophe, Software Engineer at INFURA
Phoenix.LiveView: Interactive, Real-Time Apps. No Need to Write JavaScript
Chris McCord, Creator of the Phoenix Framework
Expanding the AWS Cloud – Introducing the AWS Europe (Stockholm) Region
Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon
Goodbye, EdgeHTML
Chris Beard, Mozilla CEO

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