Issue #289

8 February 2022

Issue #289
Tuesday 8th February's issue is presented by Doppler

Quit struggling with scattered API keys and access controls. Keep your secrets in sync across environments, servers, and teams with Doppler.
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: “As a leader… if you spend all your time trying to stamp out fires, you’ll never be able to look ahead, strategize, or actually grow and evolve.” Lara walks us through the Eisenhower Matrix, which maps importance and urgency, and how that defines which tasks to delegate.
Designing Instagram
- Ankit Sirmorya
#Scale #Architecture
tl;dr: Ankit shows us how to architect an Instagram scale photo-sharing application where users can upload photos and view those photos, follow other users, view feeds containing posts of the users they follow, like and comment on posts.
Introducing The Modern Guide To Secrets Management. Keep Your Secrets In Sync Across Environments, Servers, & Teams With Doppler.
#Management #Guide

tl;dr: We’ve distilled our knowledge and experience in helping enterprise customers redefine how they think about secrets management by taking a universal approach to taming secrets sprawl in a multi-cloud microservices world at enterprise scale. In this ebook, learn the pitfalls and best practices of secrets management at scale. Learn More Here. 

Promoted by Doppler.

Software Deployment, Speed, and Safety
- Marc Brooker
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Deployment is a contentious issue. Some folks will believe that “teams have to be able to deploy from commit to global production in minutes” and “others will point out that their industry has multi-year product cycles.” Marc highlights the trade-offs, provides his perspective and his advice navigating the tension between speed and safety. 

"Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime."

- David Leinweber

To Share The Work, Share The Decisions
- Jessica Kerr
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: “To do something together, build shared understanding and then everyone can make compatible decisions. The old style of imposing a single person’s mental model on the group doesn’t work in complexity (and also it’s mean).”

Optimizing Workspace For Productivity, Focus, & Creativity
- Juan Pablo Aranovich
#CareerAdvice #Productivity

tl;dr: Advice around optimising workspace includes: (1) Screen should be at least to nose level. (2) Bringing your visual to a narrow space enhances focus. (3) Make sure that whatever you are looking at is straight in front of your eyes. (4) For every 45 minutes focused on something narrow, get 5 minutes of relaxation. And more. 

Yes, I Can Connect To A DB In CSS
- Lee Meichin
#Database #CSS

tl;dr: “As the name might suggest, this is how you connect to a database using CSS. It only works in Chrome, unfortunately, but you can provide any SQLite database you like and query it via CSS.”

Curl Dash-Dash-Json
- Daniel Stenberg
#Libcurl #JSON 

tl;dr: “This is a new option that basically works as an alias, or shortcut, to sending JSON to an endpoint.”
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