Issue #82.1

11 May 2016

Issue #82.1: "What Should You Learn To Get a (Better) Coding Job" and much more...

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- Written by Swizec Teller, Full-stack developer
- Written by Colt McAnlis, Developer Advocate at Google
- Presented by Jeremy Fairbank, Web Developer at Push Agency
- Written by Rob Robinson, Rails Developer
- Written by Aaron Maxwell, Instructor at NewCircle
- Written by Jeffrey Dunn, Software Engineer at Facebook

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- Written by Alexander Korotkov, Department of Electrical Engineering at The University of California
- Written by The Android Security Team
- Written by David McKay, founder of Docker Glasgow
- Written by Matthew Earl, developer
- Written by Damien George, Founder of MicroPython and PHD Student at Cambridge University
- Written by Filippo Valsorda, Engineer at the CloudFare Security Team

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