Issue #365

4 November 2022

Issue #365
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How To Maintain Engineering Velocity As You Scale
-  Marcelo Cortes
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: 4 guiding principles to maintaining velocity, in which Marcelo elaborates on his approach to each of the following: (1) Hiring the best engineers. (2) Building solid long-term foundations from day one. (3) Tracking metrics to guide decision-making. (4) Keeping teams small and independent.
Building Layoffs On A Healthy Foundation
- Kellan Elliott-McCrea
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "This is not a complete guide to doing layoffs. I think there is room and need for someone to write a definitive guide to doing layoffs well, but this is not that. This post is just some things I think about when I’m not in the middle of a layoff that I’ve found reduce the negative impacts when I do find myself in the middle of a layoff."

Without Prep, Even The Most Scalable And Reliable Developer Tools Can Be Hit With Outages
#Security #IncidenceResponse

tl;dr: Get actionable tactics from the experts who built incident response frameworks for Snyk, PagerDuty, New Relic, Netflix, Chef, and Amazon at the DevGuild: Incident Response conference on Nov 15-17. Avoid costly outages - secure your free ticket.  
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Fast Builds, Secure Builds. Choose Two
- Sushain Cherivirala

tl;dr: "As our codebase grows in volume and variety, Stripe leverages Bazel to manage our build and test pipelines. Bazel provides a multi-language and multi-platform framework to define rules—recipes for how to build and test code in a specific stack."

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The Perfect Commit
- Simon Willison

tl;dr: The perfect commit is a single commit that contains the following: (1) A single, focused change. (2) Tests that demonstrate the implementation works. (3) Updated documentation reflecting the change. (4) A link to an issue thread providing further context.

tl;dr: We wanted to improve the coding experience for our development teams through infrastructure changes. We conducted research among 318 engineers and learned that: (1) Developer productivity and satisfaction were compromised due to longer build times, as per our Engineering Satisfaction survey results. (2) Build times on Apple silicon machines were 43% faster than Intel-based Mac systems, overall, and up to 50% faster for Android builds and 40% faster for iOS builds. And more. 
The Type System Is A Programmer's Best Friend
- Dustin Moris Gorski

tl;dr: "A string value is not a great type to convey a user's email address or their country of origin. These values deserve much richer and dedicated types. I want a data type called EmailAddress which cannot be null. I want a single point of entry to create a new object of that type. It should get validated and normalised before returning a new value. I want that data type to have helpful methods such as Domain() or NonAliasValue() which would return and respectively for an input of"
tl;dr: "One of my favorite parts of SSH is SSH Tunnels. With nothing but standard tools and often using just a single command, you can achieve the following: (1) Access internal VPC endpoints through a public-facing EC2 instance. (2) Open a port from the localhost of a development VM in the host's browser. (3) Expose any local server from a home/private network to the outside world."
Notable GitHub Repos
Your shell history: synced, queryable, and in context.

An open-source knowledge-based community software.

DevOps Roadmap 2022
Guide on becoming a DevOps engineer, with links to learning resources.

Build your React-based CRUD applications, without constraints.

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