Issue #175

5 March 2020

Issue #175
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tl;dr: John outlines 5 goals for this roadmap (1) create a long term focus for the team (2) evaluate the teams previous efforts (3) create visibility into what the team is focusing on (4) make planning and workload easier to time box and schedule (5) collaborate with other teams and the business needs to prioritize.
The Abiopause
- Drew DeVault
tl;dr: C clearly stands out as the "single most important and influential programming language." However, as you work with other languages a tension arises - "you’re stuck either writing bad C code or using poorly-suited tools to interface badly with an otherwise good API."
- Itamar Turner-Trauring
tl;dr: A look into the many complexities of Kubernetes. While "in some situations Kubernetes is a really great idea. In others it’s a timesink with no benefit."
tl;dr: Despite the promise of Bloom filters, Marek discovered that cache constraints impact performance. "Modern computers require cache-optimized algorithms."
- Randall Degges
tl;dr: Three pricing models are discussed - usage based, bucket based and enterprise. Randall strongly advocates for the first as "it heavily incentivizes both the customer and the service provider to act in everyone’s best interest."
tl;dr: The new FB Messenger required a complete rewrite - the codebase shrunk from 1.7M+ lines of code to 360,000. The rewrite was underlines by 4 principles - use the OS, reuse the UI, leverage the SQLite database, and push to the server.

“Make it work, make it right, make it fast.”
- Kent Beck
- Pierre de Wulf
tl;dr: Pierre found the many programmer book recommendation lists online and compiled them into one to identify the common recommendations. 
- Gwern Branwen
tl;dr: How technology has dramatically improved ordinary aspects of Gwern's life over the last the 30 years.  
#Python #Requests
tl;dr: "While it's easy to immediately be productive with requests because of the simple API, the library also offers extensibility for advanced use cases." Several of these are outlined. 
#Javascript #Rome #NewTechnology
tl;dr: "Rome is a from-scratch implementation of a complete JavaScript toolchain. It compiles and bundles JavaScript projects, lints and type-checks, runs tests, and can also format code." 
- Joe Tsai, Damien Neil & Herbie Ong
tl;dr: "We are pleased to announce the release of a major revision of the Go API for protocol buffers, Google's language-neutral data interchange format."
#Fonts #Front-end
tl;dr: "SnapFont makes it easier to test any font on any website. All you need to do is to install the browser extension."

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