Issue #69.1

10 February 2016

Issue #69.1: Pointer Profile: VP of Engineering at GameChanger, Kristian Kristensen, and much more...

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- A Q&A with Kristian Kristensen, VP of Engineering at GameChanger
- Written by Martin Kleppmann, Founder of Rapportive and Researcher at Cambridge Computer Laboratory
- Written by Salvatore Sanfilippo, Developer at Redis Labs
- Written by Francesc Campoy, Developer Advocate at Google
- Written by Craig P Jolicouer, Developer at MojoTech
- Written by the engineering team at AWS
- The Engineering Team at Taskwarrior
- Written by Andrew Kelley, Developer
- Presented by Matthew Rocklin, Postdoctoral Researcher at Sandia National Lab
- Written by Aziz Alto, Python Programmer
- Written by Mike Perham, Independent Open Source Software Developer
- Written by Fred Herbert, Author of Learn You Some Erlang

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