Issue #189

30 June 2020

Issue #189
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Remote First At Quora
- Adam D'Angelo
#Management #ManagementProcess
tl;dr: A thorough rundown of what remote first looks like at Quora. The SF office will become a co-working space for employees that want a space to work out of. All leadership will work remotely.  
#CareerAdvice #ThoughtPiece
tl;dr: Clean Code mixes "a disarming combination of strong, timeless advice and advice which is highly questionable or dated or both." It focuses on "object-oriented code and exhorts the virtues of SOLID, to the exclusion of other programming paradigms."
- Will Larson
#Diversity #Management
tl;dr: Current best practices around D&I aren't necessarily impactful. Will believes the following result in genuine progress (1) Don’t tokenize others (2) Don’t center yourself (3) Don’t be comfortable, and focus on what actually works. 
tl;dr: Hillel talked to people who worked as both a software and a traditional engineer, learning 3 things: "we are in fact engineers, we’re not actually that different as a field, and there’s a lot we can both teach and learn."
tl;dr: We are overwhelmed with distractions and over-rely on meetings. There are 5 daily practices that can help, outlined here. 
"Documentation is a love letter
that you write to your future self."

- Damian Conway
Using The Chrome UX Report API
- Rick Viscomi & Shane Exterkamp
#Chrome #Performance
tl;dr: "Learn how to use the Chrome UX Report API to get easy, RESTful access to real-user experience data across millions of websites."
tl;dr: With over a million packages, it's impossible to establish security with dependency trees stretching ten or more levels deep." Sam suggest this is "a social problem" and proposes a "semi-social solution."
Is WebP Really Better Than JPEG?
- Johannes Siipola
#Performance #JPG
tl;dr: "Google claims that their WebP format is 25 – 34% smaller than JPEG at equivalent quality." Here the two codecs are compared against each other on three different image sizes.   
tl;dr: Version includes a new date range picker, stricter settings, updates to dependencies to stay synchronized with the JS ecosystem, and more.
tl;dr: Including variadic tuple types, labelled tuples, property type inference from constructor usage and more.

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