Issue #145

20 June 2019

Issue #145
tl;dr: AMA with CTO at Reddit. He discusses his high level approach to various functions of a CTO, such as hiring, company values, testing. He also discusses the importance of mentorship for anyone seeking a leadership role. 

Software Below The Poverty Line
André Staltz
tl;dr: Open Source projects are severely underfunded. ~$2.5m is the combined amount donated to the top OS projects. When you divide this amount amongst the contributors it's $9K median / $22K average per contributor, which falls well below salary standards. 

New Evidence of Age Bias in Hiring, and a Push to Fight It
- Patricia Cohen

tl;dr: There is more evidence that companies discriminate against hiring older people, creating more litigation and research into the issue.  

Overlooked No More: Alan Turing, Condemned Code Breaker and Computer Visionary
- Alan Cowell

tl;dr: Obituary of Alan Turing, one of the most influential code breakers of World War II and regarded as one of the most innovative thinkers of the 20th Century.  

AWS Costs Every Programmer Should Know
David Hatanian

tl;dr: Basic guide on how to think through the AWS dollar costs to better evaluate your architectural design. 
tl;dr: The benefits of moving to this architecture are working with smaller, more maintainable codebases, structuring teams to be autonomous and writing code in more incremental fashion. The article comes with an implementation example. 

Find A Job With Vettery

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tl;dr: Focus on consistently "achieving small wins". These small wins "in fact do not need to be done in a great way, but a good way, repeatably." Your actions should be done with intention. Perfection is your enemy. 

Video Upload Latency Improvements at Instagram
- Ryan Peterman
tl;dr: Given upload latency is critical to user experience at Instagram, the article runs through a set of architectural strategies used by the engineering team to reduce latency. 


How I Survived Insane Hypergrowth at Airbnb
- Jonathon Golden

tl;dr:  Director of Product provides the following takeaways (1) Don’t just identify a problem, start fixing it by enlisting others (2) Understand the (ever-broadening) context (3) Confront challenges head-on (4) Everything changes all the time, get over it (5)  It’s all about the EQ.

How To Start A Software Project With A Quality Mindset
Bruno Paz

tl;dr: Taking a good first step is important (1) Define the development process, tooling, etc... (2) Build the foundations for good documentation (3) Define and enforce coding standards and guidelines (4) Setup static analysis tools to detect code smells early (5) Automated tests suite (6) Development environment. 

Leaders, Are You Ready to Manage Remote Teams?
- Vy Luu
#Remote #Management

tl;dr: Article cites companies doing remote work well, their top-down approach, and the pain-points felt along the way.  

How To Do Hard Things
- David R. MacIver

tl;dr: Single Loop System - (1) Find something that is like the hard thing but is easy (2) Modify the easy thing so it's like the hard thing in exactly one way that you find hard (3) Do the modified thing until it is no longer hard.  If you get stuck, rubber duck or ask for advice, pick a different way in which the problem is hard.
Notable Developer Conferences 2019
Microsoft Build 
May 6-8
Seattle, Washington, USA
May 21 - 23
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
May 22-23
Broomfield, Colorado, USA
July 17-18
Portland, Oregon, USA
Open Source Summit 
July 17-19
Tokyo, Japan
July 24-27
San Diego, California, USA
Sept 9–12
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Strange Loop 
Sept 12-14
St. Louis, Missouri, USA 
DjangoCon US 
Sept 22-27
San Diego, CA
Oracle CodeOne 
Sept 16–19
SF, California
React Day Berlin 
Nov 30
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite 
Nov 4-8
Orlando, Florida, USA
Dec 5-6

Paris, France
December 6-7

Riga, Latvia

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