Issue #118.1

29 June 2017

Issue #118.1

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Hyperproductive Development
- Jessica Kerr, Developer at Atomist
How to Interview Engineers
Ammon Bartram, Co-founder at Triplebyte
CSS vs. JavaScript: Trust vs. Control
Christian Heilmann, Senior Program Manager Developer Experience and Evangelism at Microsoft
Introducing Dexter, the Automatic Indexer for Postgres
Andrew Kane, Logistics at Instacart
Javascript for Microcontrollers and IoT: Part 1
- Seba Peyrott, Auth0er, Linux enthusiast, C and C++ developer.
Running 10 Millions PostgresQL Indexes In Production (And Counting)
Michael Malis, Engineer at Heap

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Announcing TypeScript 2.4
Daniel Rosenwasser, Program Manager on TypeScript at Microsoft
How Flexbox Works 
Scott Domes, Lead Developer at MuseFind.
How I Learned to Code in My 30s
- Brad Crispin, Engineering Manager at Udacity
New – Auto Scaling for Amazon DynamoDB
Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for AWS
Checklist for Python libraries APIs
- Sébastien Eustace, Developer
My First Hackathon and What I Learned
Finn Thormeier, Engineer
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