Issue #287

1 February 2022

Issue #287
Tuesday 1st February's issue is presented by WorkOS

Make your app Enterprise Ready with WorkOS. With a few simple APIs, you can add enterprise features like Single Sign-On (SAML), Directory Sync (SCIM) user provisioning and more.
The Biggest Mistake I See Engineers Make
- Zach Lloyd
#CareerAdvice #Management
tl;dr: "The biggest mistake I see engineers make is doing too much work on their own before looping in others." This costs time and creates the risk of going down the wrong path. Managers can help: (1) Encourage engineers to show work as quickly as possible. (2) Help them decide what to show that provides meaningful feedback. (3) Encourage launching something end-to-end internally, quickly. (4) Encourage constructive feedback & watch for toxic feedback, which discourages iterative development.
Designing Uber
- Ankit Sirmorya
#Architecture #Scale
tl;dr: Ankit shows us how to design architecture similar to Uber's: Riders are able to view available drivers in nearby locations, request rides from source to destination, notify nearby drivers of the ride and allow one of them to confirm the ride, show pickup ETA to customers when a ride is dispatched. 
Building for Enterprise: User Provisioning
- Catherine Blake

tl;dr: Automatic user provisioning and deprovisioning via SCIM is often one of the second features, after single sign-on, that engineering teams need to build in order to sell to larger customers. Imagine how difficult it'd be for IT admins to manually add/delete access to your app for hundreds of employees when they join or leave the company. We explore how it works, how to add it to your app, and best practices for implementation.

Promoted by WorkOS.

Interview With Tobi Lütke

#Leadership #Managment

tl;dr: Tobi, Founder and CEO of Shopify, discusses his typical day, how he manages time, meetings, and a lot more. "I reserved my afternoon for “greenpathing exercises” - where, oddly, I'm trying to discern how everyone is thinking about the main things we're working on. I feel as though I am the connective tissue combining operations, finance, and more formal business functions with the product itself. This connection helps me to make good decisions."

"The value of a prototype is in the education it gives you, not in the code itself."

— Alan Cooper

#PostgreSQL #Azure #Database
tl;dr: "In this post you’ll learn about the database challenges the team faced as the dashboard needed to scale—with an eye toward how the UKHSA team uses Azure, the Azure Database for PostgreSQL managed service, and the Citus extension which transforms Postgres into a distributed database."
Technical Time Travel: On Vintage Programming Books
- Tiemoko Ballo

tl;dr: "I enjoy collecting rare and vintage programming books. There's just something quaint about pre-internet computer books, with their dead-tree print editions and crude typesetting." Tiemo shares 3 favorites and sumarizes the backdrop of each.

A Pipe Operator For JavaScript: Introduction And Use Cases
- Axel Rauschmayer

tl;dr: "The proposal introduces a new operator. This operator is an idea borrowed from functional programming that makes applying functions more convenient in many cases. This post describes how the pipe operator works and what its use cases are (there are more than you might expect!)."
Speeding Up VSCode (Extensions) In 2022
- Jason Williams

tl;dr: "I was curious to know if the functionality of VSCode can catch up with the native speed of some editors, such as Sublime. That led me to seek out where some bottlenecks may be and where time is being spent. In this post I look at both the internals and extensions."

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