Issue #351

13 September 2022

Issue #351
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One-On-Ones With Executives
- Will Larson
#CareerAdvice #Management

tl;dr: "Often when an organization is going through some turmoil, executives think to themselves, “Ah, I should have some one-on-ones with the team so they can hear how we’re handling this.” Will advises those asked to have a 1-1 with execs: (1) If you’re not sure what’s happening, let the exec take the lead. (2) Try to figure out why the meeting is happening before you’re in the meeting. (3) Know that the executive will very likely have an agenda, but sometimes have no agenda at all, in which case it’s very helpful to have prepared ahead of time. And more. 
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "A viable system continues to function in a changing environment. We want our companies—and some teams—to be sustainable this way. How does your team contribute? Does your team have all the components of a viable system… and should it?" Jessica discusses the viable systems five subsystems, characteristics of each, and more.  
Benchmarking The Impact Of Session Recording On Performance
- Mathew Pregasen

tl;dr: One of the biggest tools to arrive last decade was session recording (SR) – a screen-recording-like service that tracked a user’s activity. Typically, SR was popular with marketers and product managers as a tool to learn more about a user’s experience. Most SR providers will pledge that their products do not impact page performance - this post explores that hypothesis. 

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Software Engineering Research Questions
- Greg Wilson

tl;dr: "I have been collecting random software engineering research ideas from friends and colleagues for more than a decade. These are the questions I’ve been asked since I started taking notes ten years ago," including: (1) Does putting documentation in code actually work better than keeping the documentation in separate files, and if so, by what measure(s)? (2) Do doctest-style tests have any impact long-term usability or maintainability compared to putting tests in separate files? And more
"All race conditions, deadlock conditions, and concurrent update problems are due to mutable variables.”

― Robert C. Martin

Research: Quantifying GitHub Copilot’s Impact On Developer Productivity And Happiness
- Eirini Kalliamvakou

tl;dr: Research by GitHub on Copilot found: (1) Developers reported that Copilot helped them stay in the flow (73%) and preserve mental effort during repetitive tasks (87%). (2) The group that used GitHub Copilot had a higher rate of completing the task - 78%, compared to 70% in the group without Copilot.

6 Simple And Useful PostgreSQL Features That I Wish I Knew When I Started
- Marat Badykov

tl;dr: "In this article, I will try to review 6 PostgreSql traits that seem to me the most important and easy-usable in a clear and brief way: (1) Identity. (2) COALESCE + NULLIF. (3) Grouping set, rollup, cube. (4) Common Table Expression. (5) Domains. (6) USING keyword.

SQLite Doesn't Use Git
- Matt Rickard

tl;dr: Instead, SQLite uses Fossil as a version control system, which is also developed by the same primary author as SQLite. Both Git and SQLite share some similar design philosophies, which Matt discusses at a high level.

tl;dr: "If you throw the above mentioned URL on any random URL parser they may reject it, like the Twitter parser didn’t seem to think it was a URL, or they might come to a different conclusion about the different parts than curl does. In fact, it is likely that they will not do exactly as curl does."
Notable GitHub Repos
An all-in-one toolkit for computer vision. 

Homeserver for everyone. One command setup. 

Stable Diffusion Web UI
A browser interface based on Gradio library for Stable Diffusion.

Easy-to-use streaming application development framework & ops platform. 

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