Issue #163

28 November 2019

Issue #163
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- Drew DeVault, Software Engineer
#OpenSource #Python #asynchio
tl;dr: Two types of changes in open source software inflict trauma on its community. A change where everyone has to overhaul their code to get it to work again, or a change to get code idiomatic again. Drew shows examples of both of these in the Python community.
- Paul Graham, Programmer, Writer & Investor
tl;dr: Collectors of old bus tickets "have an obsessive interest" in the their field. It's not rationale, nor driven by market forces. Paul argues that this passion is the sprout of what we consider "genius", and here he philosophizes how to leverage it into your career. 
- Hillel Wayne, Author of Practical TLA+
tl;dr: The quality of developed software is largely driven by human factors not tooling, yet we overemphasize the latter. Factors such as sleep, hours worked and stress levels are key. 
- Erik Dietrich, Programmer, Architect, IT Management Consultant
tl;dr: (1) Don't duplicate knowledge (2) Treat code as a liability (3) Trust senior developers but verify what they say (4) Test driven development is a game-changer (5) Evidence is king. 
tl;dr: To create a culture of comfort, we remove blame from postmortems. In reality, we should remove shame - no one should feel bad about mistakes - but blame is important to improving a process.  
- Jack Li, Production Engineer at Shopify
tl;dr: Shopify merge ~400 commits daily and, to do this, built internal tooling - Merge Queue - and by following 3 guidelines. (1) Master must always be green (passing CI) (2) Master must stay close to production (3) Emergency merges must be fast. 
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10 Things To Boost Your Workflow in Visual Studio Code
- Aphinya Dechalert, Software Developer & Consultant
tl;dr: 10 things to help you code faster in Visual Studio including a tech debt tracker, an autocomplete tool, and a live share tool. 

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- World Wide Web Foundation
tl;dr: Authored by the WWW Foundation, this is a set of principles for the trifecta of government, companies and citizens. 
The Mind At Work: Guido Van Rossum On How Python Makes Thinking In Code Easier
- Anthony Wing Kosner, Editorial Strategist at Dropbox
tl;dr: Inspiration behind Python was largely visual. There is a "quietness and simplicity of design" that makes it easier to see what’s going on. It's also why it's popular amongst amateurs and beginners. 
When JavaScript Bytes
- Tim Kadlec, Web Performance Consultant
tl;dr: JS is the most expensive resource byte-for-byte, yet we use it excessively. This presentation focuses on (1) Practical ways to reduce the amount of JS we’re using (2) Techniques to remove excess bytes off bundles (3) How to make sure those bytes stay off.
- Paul Boyd, Software Developer
tl;dr: Primer on how to not store passwords. While some of these may be obvious, there are interesting examples of how companies still do this incorrectly.  
- Sam Koblenski, Software Developer
tl;dr: Includes Object Oriented Design Heuristics, The Pragmatic Programmer, Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship and more. 
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