Issue #132

14 March 2019

Issue #132
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The World Wide Web Turns 30. Where Does It Go From Here?
Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web & Director of the World Wide Web Consortium  
tl;dr: The WWW 🌐 has evolved immensely over the last 30 years, and that's cause for cautious optimism:  

"it would be defeatist and unimaginative to assume that the web as we know it can’t be changed for the better in the next 30 years"

The web is misused in three way and a global "contract" establishing clear laws and standards going forward is much needed.
One Thing That Great Leaders Understand
- Mark Suster, Partner at Upfront Ventures
tl;dr: Great leaders know the right goals to set. They set the vision and can motivate teams and individuals like no other. 

Great leaders are different to great managers. Managers distribute, delegate and get things done effectively. Both are critical to a business, here's a breakdown of the difference:
Why Everyone Should Read Support Emails
 - Simon Schultz, Founder of Stuff

tl;dr: Everyone in a company, irrespective of title, should spend 30 mins per week reading support emails. Why? Support emails...
  • Reflect current state of product & company
  • Kick start internal & customer conversations
  • Are nuanced (vs statistics) and you learn more about your customer 
  • Create an increased sense of responsibility and urgency
Making Google Fonts Faster
Sia Karamalegos, Google Developer Expert

tl;dr: Google Fonts makes multiple requests when loading and provides no control of flash-of-invisible-text (FOIT) and flash-of-unstyled-text (FOUT). This tutorial helps with:

  • Latency time downloading fonts from Google Fonts
  • Self-hosting fonts for faster speed ⚡ and control over FOIT and FOUT, using google-webfonts-helper
On Simplicity
- Max Böck, Frontend Web Developer & Designer
#BestPractices # General
tl;dr: Often, complex solutions are created to solve complex problems. However, this isn't always the case - "sometimes the smarter way to build things is to try and take some pieces away."

Complexity can arise from the inflexibility  of best practices or developers wanting to show off how smart they are.  In either case customers lose out. 
10 Women in Science and Tech Who Should Be Household Names
Emily Dreyfuss, Writer at Wired

tl;dr: List includes Fei-Fei Li, AI Researcher & Co-director of the Stanford Human Centered AI Institute, who is working on removing the inherent bias in algorithms, which are becoming increasingly influential in our world. 
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Refactoring Python Applications for Simplicity
Anthony Shaw, Global Head of Talent & Innovation at Dimension Data
tl;dr: In its own words, this tutorial walks through: 
  • How to measure complexity of your code & app
  • How to change your code without breaking it
  • Common issues in Python that add complexity & how to fix them
How to Run An Efficient and Effective All Hands Meeting
Mathilde Collin, Co-founder & CEO at Front

tl;dr: The format of the all hands is always the same, which allows the meeting to be quick. Transparency is the key, especially around revenue and where the company is against their OKRs. Here's the agenda:
What is Pika?
Fred K. Schott, Front-end Developer at Ripple
tl;dr: Pika's mission is "to make modern JavaScript more accessible by making it easier to find, publish, install, and use modern packages on npm."
Bringing Black And White Photos To Life Using 
- Preston Lim, Software Engineer at Open Government Products
#JS #MachineLearning
tl;dr: Using a deep learning technique called GANs, predicts the color values at each pixel in black & white images. The model is trained on old Singaporean photos. In order to create accuracy, colorization requires historical, geographic, and cultural context.

Below is an example, you can try the tool here on your own B&W photos.
Getting Toasty: Observations on Burnout
- Angersock
tl;dr: According to the author, there are increasing cases of developer burnout. He dissects the causes, and breaks them down into work and environmental factors. Work factors are:
  • Work is priority over everything
  • Work is uninteresting
  • No indicators of visible progress
  • No clear end date to what's being worked on
Environmental factors are:
  • Lack of non-work havens e.g. quiet coffee shop, library
  • Health issues compounding the problem e.g. bad sleep 
  • Lack of non-work support networks
  • External reminders of happiness and "success"
Farewell To fsync(): 10× Faster Database Tests With Docker
Itamar Turner-Trauring, Software Developer and Founder of Code Without Rules

#Python #Docker #Tests

tl;dr: When running tests you don't care about writing to your database. Using Docker to create a DB instance and disabling fsync(), you are able to run tests 10x faster. 
Accessibility Insights for Web
- Shobhit Agarwal, Software Engineer at Microsoft

tl;dr: Google Chrome extension for "assessing the accessibility of web sites and web applications." You can see errors in place and visualize tab-stops. 
tl;dr: This JS library allows you to detect hands. no ML experience needed, just plug and play. It's in early stages but a lot of value can be built using this
Introducing TensorFlow Datasets
- TensorFlow Team

tl;dr: Public datasets needed for machine learning have been released, formatted to be TensorFlow ready. Large datasets often come with their own formats, complexities and edge cases that require time-sucking developer time. 
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Notable Developer Conferences 2019
ConFoo (March 13-15)
Montreal, Canada
Strata Data Conf (March 27-28)
San Francisco, CA, USA
React Amsterdam (April 10-12)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
SmashingConf (April 16-17)
California, USA 
Devoxx (April 17-19)
Paris, France
GOTO Chicago (April 28-May 2)
Chicago, USA
DockerCon (April 29-May 2)
San Francisco, USA
RailsConf (April 30-May 2)
Minneapolis, USA
Microsoft Build (May 6-8)
Seattle, Washington, USA
PHP[tek] (May 21 - 23)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
GlueCon (May 22-23)
Broomfield, Colorado, USA
OSCON (July 17-18)
Portland, Oregon, USA
Open Source Summit (July 17-19)
Tokyo, Japan
GopherCon (July 24-27)
San Diego, California, USA
ApacheCon (Sept 9–12)
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Strange Loop (Sept 12-14)
St. Louis, Missouri, USA 
DjangoCon US (Sept 22-27)
San Diego, CA
Oracle CodeOne (Sept 16–19)
SF, California 
React Day Berlin (Nov 30)
Berlin, Germany
Microsoft Ignite (Nov 4-8)
Orlando, Florida, USA
dotJS (Dec 5-6)
Paris, France
DevTernity (December 6-7)
Riga, Latvia

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