Issue #319

24 May 2022

Issue #319
Tuesday 24th May's issue is presented by Datadog

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The Warrior And The Sage
- Ed Batista
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: A set of attitudes leaders display while enacting these two roles. A warrior's "purpose is overcoming resistance, where life is a series of battles," where a Sage's purpose is "learning and helping others learn, where, life is a series of mysteries to be studied." Ed notes that the Warrior's mindset becomes less useful as leaders grow more senior, and the Sage mindset increasingly important.
How To Feel Engaged At Work: A Software Engineer's Guide
- Jason Tu
#CareerAdvice #Management

tl;dr: (1) Make time to be curious e.g. schedule 30 mins to jot down questions that spark curiosity. (2) Imagine you were the CEO and ask yourself how the business would work, and let your mind guide you through the web of questions a founder might ask. (3) Frame your career as a series of questions to create a sense of ownership of your career. (4) Try something new. 

DevSecOps Maturity Model White Paper
#Management #Security #Devops

tl;dr: Learn about the best practices for assessing and advancing your organization’s DevSecOps maturity. Detect vulnerabilities and deliver digital services with more confidence.

The Two Generals Problem
- Seth Archer Brown

tl;dr: "Imagine there’s a city in a valley. On either side of the valley, there’s an army commanded by a general. On one side stands General Alice and her army. On the other, General Bob and his army. Alice and Bob want to capture the city, but neither has an army large enough to do so alone. Alice and Bob must attack at the same time, but Alice and Bob can only communicate by sending messengers through the valley, who have a chance of being captured by the city’s army. How do Alice and Bob coordinate their attack?"
"Computer languages differ not so much in what they make possible, but in what they make easy."

- Larry Wall
Intelligent Brute Forcing
- David Koloski
tl;dr: "In this article, I will present a new puzzle game and demonstrate techniques I used to write a fast, practical solver for it. Topics covered will include breadth-first/A* search, memoization, optimization, and strategies specific to NP-hard and NP-complete puzzle games."
#Security #Podcast
tl;dr: Podcast episode where Bruce discusses the state of cyber-security, security and privacy best practices, his thoughts on Bitcoin and other cryptos, Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid project, and his advice for today’s developers building the software systems of tomorrow.
- Daniel Stenberg

tl;dr: "Everything I know and learned about running and maintaining OS projects for three decades. I have been actively involved in OS development since the early 1990s when I discovered the phenomenon of people writing source code they give away freely for others to use and modify under a certain license."

The /bin/true Command And Copyright
- John Chambers

tl;dr: "One of the fun examples among all the copyright fuss is the extreme example of copyright claims made by AT&T some time in the 1980s. It's the /bin/true program. This is a "dummy" program whose function is to make it easy to write infinite loops in shells scripts. The program does nothing; it merely exits with a zero exit status... But AT&T's lawyers decided that this was worthy of copyright protection."

Notable GitHub Repos
Tool for securing CI/CD workflows with version pinning.

Linux Insides
A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides.

OS cross-platform file explorer, powered by virtual dist filesystem.

Public APIs
Collective list of free APIs.


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