Issue #243

6 August 2021

Issue #243

Presented by Nanos
Reflections On 10,000 Hours Of Programming
- Matt Rickard
tl;dr: 31 short bullet points including: (1) Browsing the source is almost always faster than finding an answer on StackOverflow. (2) In many cases, what you're working on doesn't have an answer on the internet. That usually means the problem is hard or important, or both. (3) Delete as much code as you can. (4) Syntactic sugar is usually bad. (5) Simple is hard, and more. 
Run Code Faster Than The Speed Of Light
#Management #Leadership

tl;dr: Nanos is a Linux binary-compatible unikernel that runs one and only one application in the cloud. Faster and safer than Linux.

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tl;dr: This framework uses 5 metrics to help make product decisions: "Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task Success." In this post, Rohit presents the goals, signals and metrics for each. 
Engineering Manager To Director: What It Takes?
- Tao Wang
tl;dr: Fundamental differences are that Directors: (1) Have more impact around hiring. (2) Have the ability to "coach" managers. (3) Able to plan for the long term with imperfect data. (4) Have "higher requirements for communication, prioritization, multitasking, empathy."
In Praise Of PostgreSQL
- Drew Devault
#PostgreSQL #ThoughtPiece
tl;dr: "Postgres stands today as one of the most significant pillars of profound achievement in free software, alongside the likes of Linux and Firefox. PostgreSQL has taken a complex problem and solved it to such an effective degree that all of its competitors are essentially obsolete, perhaps with the exception of SQLite."

A Message From Nanos...

Run Linux Software Faster and Safer Than Linux through Open Source Unikernels. Run 2X as fast on Google Cloud and 3X fast on AWS. Easier than K8S. Nanos is a free, open source linux binary-compatible unikernel. 
tl;dr: (1) Self-reflect on the impact your mental is having on your work performance. (2) Consider context and resources that are available to you. (3) Explore your comfort level around sharing. (4) Start the conversation and have empathy for your manager. 
Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Phone Numbers

tl;dr: 26 falsehoods including: (1) All individuals have a phone number. (2) You can call any phone number. (3) An individual has only one phone number. (4) A phone number uniquely identifies an individual. (5) Phone numbers cannot be re-used, and more.

#Docker #Security
tl;dr: "Containers are no security devices. That's why we've curated a set of easily actionable recommendations to improve your Docker containers security. Check out the one-page cheat sheet."
#IndustryTrends #AI #GitHub
tl;dr: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) views Copilot as "unacceptable and unjust" as it requires and is trained on software that is not free. In addition, there are other open questions notably around copyright infringement. The FSF is calling for white papers into a host of areas on this topic, listed here. 
#ReactJS #CareerAdvice
tl;dr: Abhishek covers the following: (1) How would you optimize a slow React website? (2) How would you design a loosely coupled React App? (3) When do you use Redux Thunk & Redux Saga? (4) How to apply two way data binding? (5) What are synthetic events. 
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