Issue #63.1

23 December 2015

Issue #63.1: "Exclusive: If Santa Was a Software Engineer", and much more...

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- Written by Chet Haase, Comedian and Senior Software Engineer at Google
Written by Michael Hablich, Team Lead for Product Development at Tricentis
Written by Lauren Long, Full-Stack Developer & co-founder of Boxit 
- Written by Nicola Paolucci, Developer at Atlassian
Written by the Google Engineering Team
Written by Steven Cohen, Software Engineer at Pinterest
Written by the Google Engineering Team
Written by Jonathon Snook, Lead Front-end Developer at Shopify
- Written by Jim Plush, Senior Director of Engineering at CrowdStrike
#Scala #GoLang
- Written by Armin Ronacher, Founding Member of The Pocoo Team, Partner at Sentry
- Written by Owen Williams, Writer at the Next Web
- Written by David Heinemeier Hansson, Founder of Ruby on Rails and Partner at Basecamp

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