Issue #47.1

26 August 2015

Issue #47.1: 8 Essential Git Interview Questions, and much more...

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- Written by the TopTal Engineering Team
- Written by Christophe Mawata, Software Engineer
- Written by Sebastian Raschka, Author of Python Machine Learning
 #Python #MachineLearning
- Written by Daniel Schauenberg, Software Engineer at Etsy
- Written by Gary Bhattal, Developer
- Written by Frank Garcia, CEO and Founder of Cycligent
- Written by Jean-Louis Gassee, GP at Allegis Capital
- Submitted by Jaran Nilsen, Senior Developer at KodeHuset
- Written by Patrycja Dybka, Community Manager at Vertabelo
- Written by Yegor Bugayenko, CTO at
- Written by Lorenzo Masini, Ruby Developer
- Written by the Go Engineering Team
- Written by Nicolas Cerminara, founder at

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