Issue #318

20 May 2022

Issue #318
Friday 20th May's issue is presented by Vanta

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35 Impactful Questions Managers Should Ask Themselves Regularly
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Broken into 5 categories: (1) Questions for gauging morale e.g. Who haven’t I heard from in my team? (2) Tracking team performance e.g. is each member on the team overperforming, on track or underperforming? (3) Measuring effectiveness as a manager e.g. What more can I say no to? And more.

Professional Programming: The First 10 Years
- Thorsten Ball

tl;dr: "The following is a loose, unordered collection of thoughts that come up when I look back on the past 10 years:" (1) Fearlessness is undervalued. (2) You can’t predict the future; try and you might end up in trouble. (3) Nothing really matters, except bringing value to the customer (4) Perfection is unachievable. And more. 

Startup Getting Started? Think Pragmatic Security
#Leadership #Management #Security

tl;dr: There is an assumption that security should be the main priority for a founder when getting your startup going. Think again. Security is a tool to protect your customers and your business, and a founder’s main concern is growing that business. That’s a good thing -- here's how.

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#Leadership #Management #Hiring
tl;dr: Andreas discusses and addresses how we handles the 3 main issues when hiring remotely: (1) More people applying to job postings. (2) Team is in multiple locations. (3) Interviewing people with different cultural backgrounds.
"Always implement things when you actually need them, never when you just foresee that you need them."

– Ron Jeffries
4 Integers Are Enough To Write A Snake Game
- Andrei Ciobanu

tl;dr: "Note that the code should be taken as a twisted joke, or as an exercise in minimalism, or as both, probably a joke. Because of the aforementioned limitations, we are going to write some nasty macros to perform bitwise operations, use global variables, reuse the same counter, etc. This is not a good example of readable or elegant code."
Animating Regular Expressions With Python and Graphviz
- Aydin Schwartz
#Python #Regex
tl;dr: "I find the absolute best way to understand a concept is to visualize it. I’ve built a regex engine using Python and Graphviz that animates what actually goes on when a regex is searching through a body of text. If you want to try out your own examples, the project is publicly available on GitHub."
Wrong By Default
- Kevin Cox

tl;dr: "The moral of the story is that the best way to avoid bugs is to make them difficult to write. Ideally make bugs harder to write than correct code. defer and try-with-resources are “wrong by default” and require explicit work on behalf of the programmer to become correct."

I Spent 2 Years Launching Tiny Projects
- Ben Stokes

tl;dr: "Two years ago, frustrated with a long list of unfulfilled project ideas in my phone notes, I decided to start trying one idea each week in its tiniest form. I never kept to a weekly schedule, but I've kept plodding along since then and launched 8 things. In this post I want to update you on everything I've launched, and share what I've learnt about building lots of these tiny internet projects."
Notable GitHub Repos
Tool designed to help you use git more efficiently.

Unified deep learning system for the big model era.

Streaming replication for SQLite.

Type Challenges
Collection of TypeScript type challenges with online judge.


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