Issue #254

24 September 2021

Issue #254

Friday 24th September's issue is presented by Vanta
Feedback Equation
- Lara Hogan
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: Many of us avoid delivering feedback or deliver it too generally. Lara provides an equation of how to provide feedback well: observation of a behavior (e.g. your emails are short) + impact of the behavior (I don't understand your email) + question or a request (can you tell me why you write short emails or can you provide more context in your emails).
The Mindsets And Practices Of Excellent CEOs
tl;dr: 6 elements explained in detail, each with examples, a vision and strategy: (1) Focus on beating the odds. (2) Manage performance and health. (3) Put dynamics ahead of mechanics. (4) Help directors help the business. (5) Centre the long term "why?" (6) Manage time and energy. 
tl;dr: Does your company store Protected Health Information (PHI)? You should consider getting HIPAA compliant. HIPAA is intended to keep PHI safe and secure and this HIPAA compliance checklist is a great tool to get you there!

Presented by Vanta
Mental Health Impacts Of A Big Tech Job
- Jacob Preston
#MentalHealth #Apple

tl;dr: "I got to a point where I needed to leave and focus on myself." Jacob talks about the toxic work culture during his time at Apple and recounts a story where work was valued over employee's mental health. Much of this was exacerbated due to the fact that he could never switch off from work while at home. 

#Netflix #ProductManagement #Testing
tl;dr: How A/B test are run at Netlfix: the importance is on "building intuition." The posts covers the basics of an A/B test, "why it’s important to run an A/B test versus rolling out a feature and looking at metrics pre- and post- making a change, and how we turn an idea into a testable hypothesis."
A note from Vanta:
Vanta is the easy way to get SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 compliant. 1000+ companies trust Vanta to automate their security monitoring, and get ready for security audits in weeks instead of months. 
The Building Blocks Of Scale
- Kayla Kasprak
#Mobile #Management #Scale

tl;dr: Specific to mobile teams: (1) Smaller, more specialized teams to reduce communication overhead and have more specialized knowledge. (2) Organized, testable code so that "each software module should have one and only one reason to change.” (3) Well-reasoned architecture. Kayla mentions 4 types that work at scale. (4) Continuous evolution. 

tl;dr: "A lot of years Postgres will have some big pillar or theme to the release." However, Craig wants to highlight how the little things are improving too highlighting improvements in JSON syntax, read only roles, psgl and query pipelining. 
tl;dr: "Peggi is an eight-key keyboard that fits on the back of your phone. While chording keyboards require you to press multiple keys at the same time, arpeggio keyboards only ask that you type multiple keys in sequence."
tl;dr: "My goal is not to convince you that Go is an objectively bad language, it’s to convince you that for certain people, working in Go feels like a constant struggle against stupid constraints."
Designing Beautiful Shadows In CSS
- Josh W Comeau

tl;dr: "In this tutorial, we'll learn how to transform typical box-shadows into beautiful, life-like ones."

Notable GitHub Repos
Platform for building & deploying internal tools with minimal effort.

Scheduling infrastructure for absolutely everyone.


Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics.

The Algorithms - C

Collection of algorithms in maths, ML, CS, physics implemented in C for educational purposes.

Free Programming Books

Freely available programming books in English. 


A collection of simple python mini projects to enhance your python skills.
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