Issue #368

15 November 2022

Issue #368
Tuesday 15th November's issue is presented by Faros AI

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Questions For A New Leader
- Ed Batista

tl;dr: A set of questions to guide these initial conversations, relevant for a new leader in any situation: (1) What are the things you are hoping I don't change? (2) What are the things you secretly hope I do change? (3) What are the good things about this organization we should build on? (4) If you were me, what would you do first? (5) Why isn't the organization doing better? And more.

Traits You Can Change, And Traits You Can't
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: The author pinpoints traits that can be changed and those that cannot. Mistaking the two causes costly, common talent retention issues: (1) Failing to believe in a rising star, because you thought that their weaknesses couldn’t be addressed. (2) Investing too much in a lost cause, because you thought that their built-in weaknesses could be coached.

Lead Time For Software Delivery
- Shubha Nabar
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: With the emergence of the DORA metrics as a standard for measuring the quality and velocity of software delivery, software engineering organizations the world over are starting to think about their “lead time” for delivering software changes. Read this post to learn all about "Lead Time", how it is different from "Cycle Time" and more...

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The World Is Run By People No Smarter Than You

tl;dr: "My overwhelming lesson from the past few weeks is that even these heroes of tech are just mortals as well who make very very dumb mistakes. And if they can make those mistakes, so can you." The author elaborates on this viewpoint amongst recent examples.

“When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.”

- William Gibson 

In Defense Of Linked Lists
- Salvatore Sanfilippo
tl;dr: "I got the feeling that many people think linked lists are like a joke. A trivial data structure that is only good for coding interviews, otherwise totally useless. In a word: the bubble sort of data structures. I disagree, so I thought of writing this blog post full of all the things I love about linked lists."
Seeing Through Hardware Counters: A Journey To Threefold Performance Increase
- Vadim Filanovsky, Harshad Sane

tl;dr: "There is, however, a class of problems that requires an even stronger level of magnification going deeper down the stack to introspect CPU microarchitecture. In this blogpost we describe one such problem and the tools we used to solve it."
The Evolution Of Scalable CSS
#CSS #FrontEnd #IndustryTrend

tl;dr: "In this post, we’ll develop a deeper understanding of CSS by diving into the underlying issues that make it difficult to scale. We’ll understand the evolution of the various CSS best practices that have emerged and changed over time. By the end, we’ll have a good grasp on past approaches to scaling CSS on large projects, and how popular tools like Tailwind and a range of others address these issues in counter-intuitive ways."
tl;dr: "This guide is written specifically by and for computer scientists and engineers. The underlying biology in cancer genomics can be exceedingly complex and requires years of study. Making the content palatable requires drawing abstractions around these concepts. This guide should be treated as an intro to the domain that teaches our audience the material in a broad-strokes fashion."
Notable GitHub Repos
Prototyping cloud system architectures.

Converts output of popular CL tools to JSON, YAML or Dicts. 

Generates LaTeX math desc from Python functions.

Home of the Solid app framework.

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