Issue #185

11 June 2020

Issue #185
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tl;dr: Examples of naming anti-patterns (e.g. tool, kit, easy, util) and strong names (e.g. vim, curl), with reasons why. "None of it matters if your command doesn't actually do something useful."
How To Spot When An Employee Is Secretly Struggling
- Thomas Hellwig & Caroline Rook
#Management #Wellness
tl;dr: Check-in via Zoom polls using questions like "What is your energy level?" Some employees may still feel intimated, so go deep in 1-1s using the “Stress APGAR” framework.  
tl;dr: "Master-slave is an oppressive metaphor, it's inaccurate and can deter someone new getting excited about learning the technology. Post outlines how to make the change. 
The Rise Of React
- Chris Stokel-Walker
tl;dr: "On the social, cultural, and technological impacts of the increasingly ubiquitous frontend framework."
tl;dr: (1) Know what you should be doing (2) Have a team that delivers (3) Establish processes everybody loves (4) Have a shared communication model with defined tools (5) Establish a codebase that is fun and effective to work with. 
tl;dr: "Threat modelling is a risk-based approach to designing secure systems." This article encourages developers to start simple with 3 questions. What are you building? What can go wrong? What are you going to do?
Open Question:

What can the developer community do to help fight for social and racial equality?

Reply to this email, I'll read all responses.  
tl;dr: A calculation of monetary value of the perks offered by larger tech companies. 
How To Become A Hacker
- Zach Alberico
tl;dr: A retrospective on what the author would have told himself if he was learning for the first time - including do not be intimidated by what you don't understand, learn by doing, and more. 
tl;dr: Researchers have developed a system that converts code from one high-level language to another, with minimum human involvement. What could go wrong. Paper is here.
What's New In PHP 8
- Brent Roose
tl;dr: PHP 8 will be released November 26th and include new features such as the JIT compiler, union types, attributes, and more.
tl;dr: An outline of its evolution in reverse chronological order. Originally used for tracking visits to Rasmus Lerdorf's online resume, he named the suite of scripts “Personal Home Page Tools,” more commonly referenced as “PHP Tools”.
tl;dr: A brief overview of the standard library and language features.

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