Issue #99.1

5 October 2016

Issue #99.1: "How it Feels To Learn Javascript in 2016", and much more...

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How it Feels To Learn Javascript in 2016
- Written by Jose Aguinaga,Web Engineer. UX & Interactions Designer. Full-Stack Javascript Developer
A Response to "How it Feels To Learn Javascript in 2016"
- Written by Addy Osmani, Engineer at Google
Should Engineering Managers Code
- Written by Jeff Knupp, Head of Engineering at Enigma
Lesser Known Git Commands
- Written by Tim Pettersen, Developer Provocateur at Atlassian 
What Does it Mean When Code is "Easy to Reason About"
- Written by Preethi Kasireddy, Software Engineer at Coinbase
Kubernetes 1.4: Making it Easier to Run on Kubernetes Anywhere
- Written by Aparna Sinha, Product Manager at Google

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Introducing he GitHub Load Balancer
- Written by Joe Williams, Computer Operator at GitHub
Some Questions About Dockers and rkt
- Written by Julia Evans, engineer at Stripe
Audio Fingerprinting with Python and Numpy
- Written by Will Drevo, MIT CS Graduate
An Introduction to Machine Learning in Julia
- Written by Abhijith C, Engineer
Have: A New Programming Langauge That Transpiles to Go
- Written by Marcin Wrochniak, Lead Developer at Telestream
How Robots Can Acquire New Skills from Their Shared Experience
- Written by the Google Engineering Team

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