Issue #357

7 October 2022

Issue #357
Friday 7th October's issue is presented by Doppler

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#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "The researchers developed a framework that synthesizes their findings into the 15 attributes that make up a great engineering manager. The attributes fall into the three high-level functions of cultivating, motivating, and mediating a team of developers. There’s nothing particularly surprising in this framework, but it provides a comprehensive model that can be used for self-assessment or evaluation."
A Flexible Framework For Effective Pair Programming
- Raymond Chung
#PairProgramming #Management

tl;dr: "Because pair programming is a method we use so frequently in onboarding, I saw an opportunity to streamline the process to make it more approachable for people who might not have experienced it before. I developed this framework during a live workshop I hosted at RenderATL. I hope it helps you structure your next pair programming session."
How To Prevent Secrets From Ending Up On Developer's Machines
- Ryan Blunden
#Management #Security

tl;dr: Even with environment variable storage offered by modern hosting platforms and secrets managers provided by every cloud, developer's machines are still littered with secrets in unencrypted text files because local development was left out of the picture. Learn how to prevent secrets from ending up on developer's machines.

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Serverless Domain Driven Design
- Lee James Gilmore

tl;dr: "In my opinion DDD should be at the forefront of architects and engineering teams minds when building out serverless services within an enterprise organization, especially when using the Serverless Architecture Layers, and creating our Domain Services for the Domain Layer."

“Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place.  Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are–by definition–not smart enough to debug it.”

- Brian Kernighan

The Struggles Of Building A Feed Reader
- Jack Evans

tl;dr: "I recently I fell down the rabbit hole of building a feedreader. At the time I was unsatisfied with the free tier offering of tools like inoreader and feedly, so nautrally I figured I’d try and build my own, after all, how hard could it be?" Jack discusses the challenges faced. 

So You're Using A Weird Language
- Pablo Meier

tl;dr: "I realized I have some experience with the statement "I'm gonna write a program using a weird language," I thought I'd write a few narratives and strategies:" (1) Tolerance for weird errors. (2) Look for the forums, ask questions. (3) More than "typing source" — build the workflow, a project. And more. 
Discovering Novel Algorithms With AlphaTensor
#AI #Tensorflow #Research

tl;dr: "In our paper, we introduce AlphaTensor, the first artificial intelligence (AI) system for discovering novel, efficient, and provably correct algorithms for fundamental tasks such as matrix multiplication. This sheds light on a 50-year-old open question in mathematics about finding the fastest way to multiply two matrices"

tl;dr: "They sell nuts, bolts, bushings, bearings – pretty much anything an engineer needs to build stuff. I've purchased from them dozens of times over the past few years, both for personal and school projects. But what makes their website so great? And why should an industrial supply company have the best e-commerce site on the internet?"
Notable GitHub Repos
Awesome Diagramming
Curated collection of diagramming tools. 

Twitter's unified cache backend.

Uncompromising Python code formatter.

CL tool to share files from the CLI to iOS and Android.

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