Issue #106.1

7 December 2016

Issue #106.1

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15 Years of Concurrency
- Written by Joe Duffy, Ex-Microsoft Dev Tools
Key Considerations for Early-Stage Development
- Written by Heidi Waterhouse, Technical Writing Consultant
How Do They Do It: Timers in Go
- Written by Alexander Morozov and Vyacheslav Bakhmutov, GoLang Engineers
Amazon Rekognition – Image Detection and Recognition Powered by Deep Learning
- Written by Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for AWS
Fun Hacks for Faster Content
- Written by Jake Archibald, Developer Advocate for Google Chrome
Installing WebApps on Phones (for Real)
- Written by Henrik Joreteg, Progressive Web Developer

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Testing With Realistic Networking Conditions
- Written by Patrick Meenan, Chrome Engineer at Google
Dear Javascript
- Written by James Kyle, Engineer at Facebook
Epoxy: Airbnb’s View Architecture on Android
- Written by Eli Hart, Android Engineer at AirBnB
HTTPS is Hard (Video)
- Written by Steve Workman, Head of Web Engineering at Yell
Why I Contribute to Chromium
- Written by Yoav Weiss, Chromium Contributor
Audio Transcription API
- Written by Lucy Guo, Co-founder of Scale

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