Issue #208

29 September 2020

Issue #208
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The Management Flywheel
- Camille Fournier
tl;dr: Managers will paint a picture of grand change to fix teams stuck in a rut - new product vision, team re-org, etc... Camille'e experience shows the opposite approach to be true. Managers able to "identify the little things that can be changed," and use these as the starting point for larger change, often succeed. 
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: When Anna joined the FT as Technical Director, she inherited a team of 50 engineers and decided to meet with each. The objective was to gather intelligence for what needed to change and build relationships. Anna discusses her approach, the format of the meetings, and the value gained from it. 
tl;dr: Why delivery metrics are important, which ones are valuable, how to use them, and more. 
tl;dr: Chris undervalued types until he discovered specific use cases along with their value - type inference, soundness, sum/tagged union types - all of which are explained here. 
tl;dr: "A toothpaste factory had a problem: Due to the way the production line was set up, sometimes empty boxes were shipped without the tube inside." The story outlines how the CEO approached the issue. 

"Your mind is programmable - if you're not programming your mind, else will program it for you."

- Jeremy Hammond
tl;dr: "These powerful women leading technology and innovation at their companies are ones to watch. Many earned advanced degrees in engineering and robotics, serve on boards and give back."
Things I Learned to Become a Senior Software Engineer
- Neil Kakkar
tl;dr: An extensive overview of what Neil learned, including hacks that have helped growth, and "super powers" he's focused on developing. 
- Itamar Turner-Trauring
tl;dr: The goal of YAGNI - You You Ain’t Gonna Need It principle - and YDNIY - You Don’t Need It Yet - is to get something useful into users’ hands as quickly as possible. 
tl;dr: "Music Time for Spotify is a code editor plugin that discovers your most productive music to listen to while you code."
tl;dr: Ruby 3.0 ships with rbs gem, which allows parsing and processing type definitions written in RBS, along with what else is new in Ruby 3.0.

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