Issue #129

21 February 2019


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Lessons From 6 Software Rewrite Stories
Herb Caudill, Founder at DevResults
Effectively Naming Software Thingies
- Sagi Rabinovich, Software Developer
How To Work Effectively With Engineers
Jenny Wen, Product Designer at Dropbox 
Fix Like No One’s Watching
Dan Abramov, Co-author of Redux and Create React App
8 Ways To Focus Your Product Team On Impact, Not Features
John Cutler, Product Evangelist at Amplitude
Do They Have Work/Life Balance? Investigating Potential Employers With GitHub
Itamar Turner-Trauring, Software Developer and Founder of Code Without Rules

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Application Holotypes: A Guide to Architecture Decisions
- Jason Miller, Web DevRel at Google & Creator of PreactJS
Why I Write CSS In JavaScript
- Max Stoiber, JavaScript Engineer, Technical Co-founder at Spectrum
JavaScript Loading Priorities In Chrome
Addy Osmani, Engineering Manager at Google 
The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer
- Jeff Atwood, Co-founder at Stack Exchange
Go is A Pretty Average Language, But OCaml Is Pretty Great
Chewxy, GorgoniaML contributor, SydneyPython and GolangSyd Organizer 
#Golang #OCaml
The Smart Ways to Correct Mistakes in Git
Tobias Günther, Founder at Fournova and Tower

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