Issue #29.1

22 April 2015

Issue #29.1: jQuery Considered Harmful, and much more...

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Written by the Lea Verou, Research Assistant at CSAIL at MIT
- Written by Nava Whiteford, Consultant at SGenomics
- Written by Alicia Liu, Web and Mobile Developer at Lift
Presented by the Guido Van RossumBenevolent Dictator For Life and engineer at DropBox
- Written by Tef, Software Developer
- Written by Benedict Evans, Partner at a16z
- Written by Kevin Burke, Former API Engineer at Twilio
- Written by Ryan Frantz, Senior Operations Engineer at Etsy
- Selected by Matt Brown, Engineer at Spotify
- Written by Zack Voase, Software Engineer at DropBox
- Selected by 
Matt Bennet, Senior Engineer at OneFineStay & Architecture Lead. 
- Written by Sittiphol Phanvilai, Full Stack Developer
- Selected by Rich Hong, 
CTO and Co-Founder of Confide
- Written by Soroush Khanlou, iOS Developer
Selected by Brian Donohue, CEO of Instapaper
- Written by Adrian Rosebrock, Python Developer
- Written by Oliver Zheng, Software Engineer at Facebook

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