Issue #231

28 May 2021

Issue #231
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Managing Founder Stress
- Dr. Sherry Walling
#Management #Leadership #MentalHealth
tl;dr: Our bodies are designed for acute stress that comes with a specific event or moment e.g. a presentation. Experiencing this is healthy and contributes to peak performance. However, stress is harmful when it's chronic. Dr. Sherry Walling outlines tactics to cope, including recognizing your individual stress signals early on (eating sugar, nausea, etc...). 

Fast / Slow in 3X: Explore / Expand / Extract
- Kent Beck


tl;dr: As an idea, product or company grows, "value-maximizing behavior" changes dramatically and comes in three phases: (1) Explore - where companies try small experiments. (2) Expand, as an experiments takes off, bottlenecks are identified and tackled. (3) Extract, these projects can increase revenue or decrease costs.

tl;dr: Joao establishes a "golden ratio" to craft an engineering management team: 2/3 hired, 1/3 nurtured. This is to get a team that could "get my back and, at the same time, help the rest of the crew navigate their new roles" also creating internal opportunities without forcing many great individual contributors to become a manager.
tl;dr: James highlights how research is light-years ahead of what’s being deployed and presents three of his favorite tools from the last 30 years, all of which he's tried to use but that don't currently run.
tl;dr: A Q&A with Ashley Joost, including what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? Ashley responds "that as a lead, I set the example for how our team operates, performs, and works together. And I’ve taken that with me to every role since then."

"We build our computer (systems) the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins."

– Ellen Ullman

tl;dr: Richard discusses his perspective on how Ruby on Rails is developed and governed and how the Basecamp “incident” impacts the future of Rails.
tl;dr: "There is no expectation or obligation to ever become more. It is just for fun, learning, and curiosity. I can add whatever features I want. I can use whatever technologies I want. I can throw it all away if I want. These are the projects I yearn for and look forward to when I'm busy with work."
Sublime Text 4
- Benjamin Schaaf
tl;dr: License changes, tab multi-select, Apple Silicon and Linux ARM64, Refreshed UI, Context-aware auto complete, and more. 

tl;dr: "Magit is a text-based Git user interface that puts an unmatched focus on streamlining workflows. Commands are invoked using short mnemonic key sequences that take the cursor’s position in the highly actionable interface into account to provide context-sensitive behavior."

Doom Captcha
- Miquel Camps Orteza
tl;dr: Miguel created a captcha where you have to kill 4 enemies to pass. "Don't take this too seriously, this is a little project for fun, if do you know how to code it's pretty easy to break the security of this."

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