Issue #284

21 January 2022

Issue #284
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How "Engineering-Driven" Leads To "Engineering-Supremacy"
- Charity Majors
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Companies that describe themselves as engineering-driven tend to fall into 2 traps: (1) They alienate the business side showing little interest in other functions, such as sales or marketing. (2) Act like engineering is superior to other roles in the company. Charity hires engineers that show interest in the business, and believes that caring for the business is a "learnable skill" highlighting the tactics used at her company. 

Make Debugging Suck Less. Keep A Logbook.
- Connor Lamb
#Debugging #CareerAdvice #Tips
tl;dr: "Scientists keep logbooks for their findings. Why don’t computer scientists?" Conor shares an example of one and cites these benefits: (1) Enumerate where you are in the bug fixing journey. (2) Keeps you rooted when you have a stack of issues. (3) Makes your future steps clearer. (4) Documents the time and effort spent, helpful to show your team the energy you put in. (5) Documents your eventual success and how it happened.
Being A Great Developer Product Company Is More Than Building Products For Developers
#Management #Leadership

tl;dr: There are mature playbooks for building B2C or B2B businesses, but developer businesses, despite massive success in some cases, are all still early. Here's what we think are the key characteristics for a successful developer product company.

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Becoming A Better Writer In Tech
- Gergely Orosz

tl;dr: This post covers: (1) The importance of writing for software engineers, engineering managers, and executives. (2) The process of writing well. Editing approaches to make your writing crisper and getting feedback on your writing. (3) Improving how you write. Observing and copying great writing. Habits to build your writing muscle. Continuous learning: courses, books, and tools to boost your writing.

"The tools we use have a profound (and devious) influence on our thinking habits, and, therefore, on our thinking abilities."
— Edsger W. Dijkstra
tl;dr: "How PostgreSQL row count estimation can go very wrong. In this case, domain knowledge will help us trick PostgreSQL into a different query plan which will be way faster, without adding any additional indices." Jacob shows us that query plans aren’t that hard to interpret with the right tools and how to rewrite queries to "achieve substantial performance boosts without unnecessary indices or denormalizing the data model."
An Extremely Casual Code Review Of MetaMask’s Crypto

tl;dr: "This post describes a very casual code review of a few cryptography functions used by MetaMask. It does not describe any vulnerabilities. If you’re the kind of person who likes a meandering and amateurish code review that goes absolutely nowhere, you’ll enjoy this post."

Python Design Patterns
- Brandon Rhodes
#Python #Guide
tl;dr: "My hope is that these pages make the patterns more discoverable — easier to find in web searches, and easier to read." Brandon covers design patterns in the following areas: Structural, Behavioral and Creational Patterns, as well as Python Specific and Inheritance Principles. 
#UsefulTools #Windows
tl;dr: Swiss Army knife for developers. An offline Windows app that helps developers in daily tasks
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Simple & elegant markdown editor, available for Linux, macOS & Windows.

Open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.

Web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis.

Immutable database with built-in cryptographic proof and verification.
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