Issue #311

26 April 2022

Issue #311
Tuesday 26th April's issue is presented by PostHog

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Working With A Non-Technical CEO
- Paulo André
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "While this targets primarily VPs of Engineering, the principles and practices are entirely applicable at all levels of the org. They will help you develop solid working relationships with any non-technical stakeholders." Paulo breaks this post into: (1) Importance of starting with the end in mind. (2) Your role as a leader. (3) The mindset of an effective VP of Engineering. (4) Learn, adapt and improve.

11 Principles Of Engineering Management
- Alan Johnson
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Principles include (1) Managing comes first, "stay out of the critical path of execution, wherever possible." (2) Facilitate wellbeing so "personal safety, dignity, and wellbeing of everyone is paramount." Make sure the quiet voices are heard. (3) Practice integrity. "Be transparent with information you can share. Be transparent about when you cannot do something. Keep your commitments. Own up to your mistakes." And more.

Counterintuitive Lessons Learned About Devtool Pricing
- James Hawkins
#Leadership #Management #Pricing

tl;dr: Changing your pricing has a real chance to grow twice as fast with just a few hours of work. "Here is a breakdown of the counterintuitive lesson I've learned as a cofounder." 

Promoted by PostHog.
#Leadership #Management #Remote
tl;dr: Vadim splits the topics into four categories: (1) Onboarding. (2) Day-to-day business, discussing methods that make life easier when you don’t see your employees every day. "Small things that may seem unimportant but have a huge impact." (3) Culture, people feel happy and engaged. (4) Results, making sure the team delivers and pushes the company forward.

"A computer is like a mischievous genie. It will give you exactly what you ask for, but not always what you want."

— Joe Sondow
Cost Of Living The Cloud Life: Fossil Fuel Consumption As A Service
- Shane Nolan

tl;dr: "If we conservatively estimate that 40,000 searches occur per second, that would be equivalent to 12 kWh of energy, enough to run a ceiling fan continuously for a month. The end result is that a single data center consumes more energy per year than 20,000 homes."

I'm A Security Engineer And I Still Almost Got Scammed
- Robert Heaton
tl;dr: "I was in the park with my son and his best friend. I saw 2 missed calls from a number I didn’t recognize. I Googled it - it was my bank. I told the other adults that I should call back in case it was important."
How DALL-E 2 Actually Works
- Ryan O'Connor

tl;dr: "While DALL-E 2 can perform a variety of tasks, including image manipulation and interpolation as mentioned above, we will focus on the task of image generation in this article."


tl;dr: A URI is a string that identifies a resource. From a syntactical point of view, a URI string mostly follows the same format as the URL. A URN identifies resources in a permanent way, even after that resource does not exist anymore.
Notable GitHub Repos
Magic Trace
Displays high-res traces of what a process is doing.

CL tool to prevent committing secret keys into source code. 


Infinitely customizable prompt for shell. 

Blazing fast build tool for Rust.

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