Issue #32.1

13 May 2015

Issue #32.1: 9 Anti-Patterns Every Programmer Should Be Aware Of, and much more...

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- Written by Sahand Saba, Software Engineer at Google
- Written by Peter Wayner
- Selected by Gareth Wilson, Marketing at Fog Creek Software
- Written by Alex Lopatin, Software Engineer at Sift Science
- Selected by Rich Hong, CTO and Co-Founder of Confide
- Written by Ben Howdle, iOS, Node & JS Developer
- Selected by Tim White, Junior Developer at Thinking Juice
- Written by Lucas Radaelli
- Written by Adam Audette, SVP Organic Search
- Written by Justin Weiss, Dev Manager at Avvo
#Testing #Rails
- Written by the Google Engineering Team
- Written by Nafiul Islam, Software Engineer
- Written by Pramod Dutta, Tech Enthusiast
- Written by the Heroku Engineering Team
- Written by Jan Lelis, Ruby Developer
 #Ruby #Regex
- Written by Francois Chollet, Machine Learning Engineer

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