Issue #26.1

1 April 2015

Issue #26.1: The JavaScript World Domination, and much more...

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The JavaScript World Domination
- Written by Flaki, JS Developer & Firefox OS Dev Evangelist 
Rent The Runway's Engineering Ladder
- Written by Camille Fournier, Head of Engineering
The Sad State of SMTP Encryption
- Written by Fillipo Valsorda, Engineer on the CloudFare Security Team
- Selected by Rich Hong, CTO and Co-Founder of Confide
When Using Eval Isn't Evil (or Stupid)
- Written by Matt Bennett, Senior Applications Developer at One Fine Stay
AngularJS vs Backbone.js vs Ember.js
- Written by Uri Shaked, JS Developer & Firefox OS Dev Evangelist 
React Native: Bringing Modern Web Techniques to Mobile
- Written by Tom Occhino, Javascript Developer at Facebook
10 Ruby Tricks to Improve Your Code
- Written by Thibault Denizet, Software Engineer & Author of Modular Rails
Choose Boring Technology
- Written by Dan McKinley, Developer at Stripe
Thinking About Thinking
- Written by Alan Carter, Founder of The Programmer's Stone
- Selected by 
Alex Companioni, Data Scientist at Betaworks
How AWS used Formal Methods
- Written by the AWS Engineering Team
A New Version of PDB, Introducing PDB++
- Written by Antonio Cuni, PyPy Core Developer

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