Issue #128

15 February 2019


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How to Feel Less Overwhelmed as a Dev (9 min read)
Julia Haigh, Engineering & Innovation at Slipstream
State Of Remote Work (8 min read)
- Buffer in partnership with Doist, Hubstaff and more
Introducing Draft Pull Requests (2 min read)
- Luke, Engineer at GitHub
Managed Databases for PostgreSQL (2 min read)
- André Bearfield, Senior Product Manager at Digital Ocean
The New Golden Age of Building with Soul (4 min read)
Jess Frazelle, Engineer at Github 
Reflecting on The Soul of a New Machine (4 min read)
Bryan Cantrill, VP of Engineering at Joyent

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Preloading Fonts and the Puzzle of
(10 min read)
Andy Davies, Web Performance Consultant
Goodbye Virtual Environments? (4 min read)
- Chad Smith, Open source enthusiast, Python & JavaScript
Bootstrap 4.3.0 (3 min read)
Mark Otto, Creator of Bootstrap
Replacing A Hot Path In Your App's JavaScript With WebAssembly (13 min read)
Surma, Web Advocate at Google
Blockchain and Trust (8 min read)
Bruce Schneier, CTO at IBM Resilient, fellow at Harvard's Berkman Center
#Security #Blockchain
Production-ready Next.js 8 (8 min read)
- Tim Neutkens, Lead maintainer of Next.js, Connor Davis, Staff Software Engineer at Zeit & Shu Ding, Web Developer & Designer at Zeit

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