Issue #298

11 March 2022

Issue #298
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Four Rules for Scaling
- Varun Srinivasan
#Leadership #Management #Scale

tl;dr: Coinbase's Director of Eng: (1) Shape your org chart so your product reflects what you want to ship. (2) Push part of the strategic decision-making process down the org to gain speed and flexibility. (3) Think in 3D to visualize what's missing i.e, think about how the work gets done, not just who does it. (4) Put people over org structures and leverage emerging leaders.

One Way Smart Developers Make Bad Strategic Decisions
- Adam Gordon Bell
#Management #Antipattern

tl;dr: "Tim is a very senior technical lead, and he’s good at his job. The problem put to him is: how do we make sure this doesn’t happen again?" Adam describes the problem - from a technical and organizational perspective - as well as what leads Tim to the common solution that doesn't actually solve the problem.

Introducing the Modern Guide to Secrets Management
#Guide #Management

tl;dr: If secrets sprawling uncontrollably across cloud secret managers and external platforms sounds familiar, then you need to redefine what managing secrets means at enterprise scale by taking a universal approach. Learn more in our Modern Guide to Secrets Management.

Promoted by Doppler.
#Leadership #Management #Culture
tl;dr: "Today we’ll look at how 3 high performance engineering companies handle their technical documentation" starting with Google and their g3docs system, which "made documentation radically simpler for engineers." It (1) presented one way to document things, removing decisions. (2) Hosted docs next to the code so engineers can stay in their IDE. (3) Automatically rendered docs into designed HTML pages on commits.

"Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime."

- David Leinweber

How We Optimized PostgreSQL Queries 100x
- Vadim Markovtsev

tl;dr: "Some of the tricks we used to speed up SELECT-s in PostgreSQL: LEFT JOIN with redundant conditions, VALUES, extended statistics, primary key type conversion, CLUSTER, pg_hint_plan + bonus."

A Love Of Languages
#LanguageDesign #ThoughtPiece
tl;dr: "There is so much to learn, to experiment with, to experience. There are thousands of languages out there, each with their own story to tell, and their own way of telling that story. We should never settle for just one language or one way of doing something, because new languages and new approaches change how we view the world."
Some Tiny Personal Programs I've Written
- Julia Evans

tl;dr: "Here are a few examples of small personal programming projects I’ve done. I’m not going to talk about “learning projects” where my goal was to learn something specific because I’ve already written a billion blog posts about that. These are more about just doing something fun with no specific learning goal." 
Open-source Tests Of Web Browser Privacy
- Arthur Edelstein
#WebBrowser #Privacy

tl;dr: "An open-source initiative that subjects popular web browsers to a suite of automated tests. These tests are designed to audit web browsers' privacy properties in an unbiased manner. The results of the tests are made public to help users make an informed choice about which browser to use, and to encourage browser makers to fix leaks of private user data."

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