Issue #42.1

22 July 2015

Issue #42.1: "Speeding Up JS Test Time 1000x," and much more...

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- Written by The Shyp Engineering Team
- Written by Sarah Adler, Co-founder and CTO at Spoon University
- Written by Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon
- Written by Lee Byron, Designer and Engineer at Facebook
- Written by Sven Slootweg, developer
- Written by Nicolas Bevacqua, Founder at StompFlow
- Written by Loup Vaillant, Developer
- Written by Yaron Minsky, Programmer at Jane Street
- Written by Charlie Deet, Product Designer at Facebook
- Written by Dynelie Abeyta, editor at Galvanize
 #DataScience #Python
- Written by Pierre-Yves Ricau, Android Developer
- Written by Santiago Valdarrama, Engineer at Levatas
- Written by Rick Pastoor, Product Manager at Blendle

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