Issue #307

12 April 2022

Issue #307
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Dimensions Of Power
- Kent Beck
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: At Kent's company Gusto, the engineering team switched from private to public engineering levels and, as part of the transition, Kent wanted to emphasize to senior engineers and managers that power should not be misused. Here is Kent's ways in which to exercise "power advantages" & experience power disadvantages.

The Scoop: Inside Fast’s Rapid Collapse
- Gergely Orosz
#Leadership #Management #Culture

tl;dr: "I am covering details from the vantage point of software engineers and engineering managers." Gergely covers how Fast able to hire engineers competing with the big tech companies, warning signs within the company as seen from an engineering perspective, the current situation within the company, and more.

How To Speed Up ClickHouse Queries Using Materialized Columns
- Karl-Aksel Puulmann
#Management #Performance #Guide 
tl;dr: ClickHouse supports speeding up queries using materialized columns to create new columns on the fly from existing data. In this post, I’ll walk through a query optimization example that's well-suited to this rarely-used feature.

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Early Security For Startups
- Devdatta Akhawe
#Security #Startup

tl;dr: Figma's Head of Security is often asked how to approach security. Here he covers topics such as ransomeware, cloud misconfigurations, credential stuffing, and more. 

"Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it."

- Patrick McKenzie

#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: "Recently, though, some signs are emerging that Agile’s power may be fading. A new moment of reckoning is in the making, one that may end up knocking Agile off its perch." Miriam discusses the negative impact and aspects of agile development on eng teams. 
PIPEFAIL: How A Missing Shell Option Slowed Cloudflare Down
- Alex Forster
#Shell #Architecture
tl;dr: "Between 20:10 and 20:40 UTC on December 16, 2021, web requests served by Cloudflare were artificially delayed by up to five seconds before being processed. This post tells the story of how a missing shell option called “pipefail” slowed Cloudflare down."
The Struggle Of Using Native Emoji On The Web
- Nolan Lawson

tl;dr: "If you can see the lotus flower emoji on your browser, then congratulations! You’re on a browser or operating system that supports Emoji 14.0, released in September 2021. If not, you might see something that looks like the scoreboard on an old 80’s arcade game." Nolan discusses the flaws of native emojis. 

tl;dr: "I’d like to show you some awesome web browser hacks to aid your web development workflow and how to convert those hacks into time-saving bookmarklets."
Notable GitHub Repos
JS / TypeScript app framework designed for growing startups.

CLI tool for making tunnels to localhost.


Boost AI inference leveraging multiple DL compilers.

3d modeling software for concept artists. 

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