Issue #340

5 August 2022

Issue #340
Friday 5th August issue is presented by Knock

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Oncall Compensation
- Gergely Orosz
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Gergely dives into: (1) Oncall philosophies across the industry. (2) Companies which pay and those that don’t. (3) How much do companies pay. (4) Companies which don’t pay. (5) Poor oncall cultures.
“Black Hole Words” And The Power Of Asking Stupid Questions
- Molly Graham
#CareerAdvice #Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Molly warns us of black hole words, which "are commonplace in a given industry but everyone has a slightly different definition of them. You can have a whole meeting and if you don’t define the word, you just wasted an hour of everyone’s time." Molly gives us examples, such as "values", "work-life balance", "impact" and "fast."

How We Work: Moving Fast To Ship Customer Value
- Chris Bell
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Chris discusses his company's principles for shipping code: (1) Lean into trunk-based development. (2) Ship high quality so each feature "needs to feel cohesive, work near flawlessly, and be the best iteration of itself for it to be valuable." (3) Make it easy for everyone on the team to ship. (4) Keep a weekly changelog to include all of the features shipped over the past week. (5) Optimize for developer autonomy.

Promoted by Knock
Automate Pull Request Labels Based On Changed Files With Actions
- Lloyd Atkinson
#Management #GitHub #Productivity

tl;dr: "That’s a lot of functionality that can be built with labels. As an example, I’ll show how to add labels automatically depending on which area of a codebase has changed. This is what I use in every project I work on as it allows maintainers oversight and awareness of the impacts of changes. It does not depend on the language or types of files - it’s based on the git diff and paths."
"Design and programming are human activities; forget that and all is lost."

- Bjarne Stroustrup
tl;dr: "The pattern matching feature is, on the whole, pretty reasonably designed, and people will expect it to behave in reasonable ways. Whereas __subclasshook__ is extremely dark magic. This kind of chicanery might have a place in the dark beating heart of a complex library, certainly not for any code your coworkers will have to deal with." Hillel guides us though pattern matching and _subclasshook__. 
The Many Flavors Of Hashing
- Ciprian Dorin Craciun
#Algos #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: "Very few hashing algorithms are usable in more than a couple of situations. Even worse, using the wrong algorithm will lead in the best case scenario to performance problems, but in the worst case scenario to security issues and even financial loss. Thus, knowing which algorithm to pick for which application is crucial."

tl;dr: "In the rest of this post you’ll see where I started, what I went through, what I learned along the way, and how it slowly evolved into the finally chosen image. I will only show the mostly happy path here. I will also only show images that were fairly ok (discarding the other 70+% that were terrible)."
Announcing Docusaurus 2.0

tl;dr: "Docusaurus will help you build the best documentation websites with minimal effort, letting you focus on what really matters: writing the content. After 4 years of work, 75alpha and 22 betas, the next generation of Docusaurus is ready for prime time."

Notable GitHub Repos
Weights And Biases
Tool for visualizing and tracking your ML experiments. 

Work From Anywhere
Daily curated list of jobs that allow working from anywhere.


Self-hosted git server with CI/CD and Kanban.
Typo-tolerant, full-text search engine written in TypeScript.

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