Issue #107.1

14 December 2016

Issue #107.1

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Developers' Side Projects
- Written by Joel Spolsky, Co-founder of Fog Creek Software
DCCP: The Socket Type You Probably Never Heard Of
- Written by Anmol Sarma, Engineer
Get Off Slack and Go Talk to Your Teammates
- Written by Alex Poon, COO and Founder at
How Our Engineering Team Acts on our Core Values Everyday
- Written by Zachary Friedman, Lead Software Engineer at Dia & Co
"Clean Your Desk": My Amazon Interview Experience
- Written by Shivan Kaul Sahib, Software Engineering Intern at Salesforce
The Engineer's Gift
- Written by Chet Haase, Comedian and Senior Software Engineer at Google

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Every Programmer Should Read This Book
- Written by Amit Shekhar, Android Developer
Programming is Poetry
- Written by Gil Fewster, Technical Consultant
Server Side React
- Written by Remy Sharp, Developer and Founder of Left Logic
The State of Babel
- Written by Henry Hzoo, Javascript Engineer at Behance
Asynch / Await Warm Up
- Written by Paul Christophe, Front-end Engineer
On Properly Using Volatile and Synchronized
- Written by Enrique López Mañas, Software Engineer

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