Issue #299

15 March 2022

Issue #299
Tuesday 15th March's issue is presented by Mux

Easily build on-demand video and live streaming with Mux's API and dev-friendly docs. With Mux Data built in, you can measure viewer engagement and diagnose and fix Quality of Experience issues. 
Executive Onboarding: Shishir's Tips and Best Practices
- Shishir Mehrotra
#Leadership #Management #BestPractices

tl;dr: CEO of Coda provides 3 rules for execs in the first 8 weeks of a new role: (1) The most important instinct to resist as a new exec is to "prove yourself fast." Your primary job is to learn and mimic how things were operating before. (2) Fill your time with learning in a methodical, prioritized way outlining areas you want to focus on learn. (3) Take on a single starter project that is not a critical path.
The Code Review Pyramid
- Gunnar Morling
#Management #CodeReview

tl;dr: The intention behind the Code Review Pyramid is to help put focus on the parts which matter the most during a code review, and what can be automated. The peak of the pyramid are matters that require small effort to change later on i.e. code style and tests, and the bottom require significant effort i.e. documentation, implementation and API semantics.

Building Analytics (And An Analytics Team) At Mux
- James Isbell
#Leadership #Management #Analytics

tl;dr: Mux is building more than just better video; we’re building the teams, systems, and culture to power online video for developers everywhere. We’re excited to share how we built out an Analytics function at Mux, and what we’ve learned along the way.

Promoted by Mux.
Bottleneck #01
- Tim Cochran, Carl Nygard
#Leadership #Management #Scale
tl;dr: This first post in a series studies common technical debt bottlenecks by companies entering growth. The authors look at causes of tech debt bottlenecks, various types of debt, signs you are approaching this bottleneck, and strategies to get out of it, include setting a quality bar, damage limitation to the business, collaboration with product, and more.

"To be a programmer is to develop a carefully managed relationship with error."

— Ellen Ullman

Building Robust Distributed Systems
- Kislay Verma
#Architecture #DistributedSystem

tl;dr: "I have written before on this blog about what distributed systems are and how they can give us tremendous scalability at the cost of having to deal with a more complicated system design. Let’s discuss how we can make a distributed system resilient to random failures which get more common as the system gets larger."

Exposing Floating Point
- Bartosz Ciechanowski
#Float #Guide

tl;dr: "Despite everyday use, floating point numbers are often understood in a hand-wavy manner and their behavior raises many eyebrows. Over the course of this article I’d like to show that things aren’t actually that complicated." Bartosz guides us through how a float works under the hood.

The Internet Was Designed With A Narrow Waist
- Andy Chu
#Architecture #DistributedSystems #ThoughtPiece
tl;dr: A narrow waist is concept, interface, or protocol that solves an interoperability problem. Picture an hourglass with M things on one side, N on the other, and an important concept in the middle. Andy illustrates how IP is an example, and how that impacts internet architecture. 
Algorithms For Decision Making
- Mykel Kochenderfer, Tim Wheeler, Kyle Wray
#Algorithms #DataScience

tl;dr: "This book provides a broad introduction to algorithms for decision making under uncertainty. We cover a wide variety of topics related to decision making, introducing the underlying mathematical problem formulations and the algorithms for solving them."

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