Issue #267

9 November 2021

Issue #267

Tuesday 9th November's issue is presented by Vanta
The Programmer's Brain In The Lands Of Exploration And Production
- Vicki Boykis
tl;dr: An assertion made in the book "The Programmer's Brain" is that confusion around code comes from multiple types of confusion" happening at once i.e. lack of information, knowledge, or "processing power." To overcome this: (1) Write down code syntax so your brain remembers it, no copying and pasting. (2) Read and add "beacons" in the code - "places in the code that your mind can anchor against and do the work of chunking, or processing groups of information."
Becoming A CTO
- Kevin Goldsmith
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "My goal is to provide insight and advice for those interested in someday becoming a CTO." Kevin covers the differences in being a CTO at an early-stage vs midsize company, and advice for those in management who want to grow into the role: (1) Learn about the business your company is in. (2) Learn about the other functions. (3) Respect and learn other technology areas aside from your own, and more.
Manage Your PCI Compliance Without The Hassle: A Checklist

tl;dr: PCI DSS compliance is the industry standard to ensure that you're taking the strongest precautions for protecting vital customer payment data and your company from data breaches. But who has the time to prep for a ROC or a SAQ? You’re busy, but we’re here to help. Minimize compliance management stress in just 7 steps with our PCI checklist.

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Sociotechnical Lenses Into Software Systems
- Paul Osman
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: "Systems we are building are constantly being modified by different people, with different contexts, at different times, who may or may not speak to each other directly." Therefore, investing in incident analysis is a necessary part of understanding the social aspects of your system as they can reveal important information about your technical systems, organization, and how various parts interact.
A Note From Vanta
Vanta is the easy way to get SOC 2, HIPAA, or ISO 27001 compliant. 1000+ companies trust Vanta to automate their security monitoring, and get ready for security audits in weeks instead of months.

How We Work: Moving Fast To Ship Customer Value
- Chris Bell
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: Chris discusses his company's principles for shipping code: (1) Lean into trunk-based development. (2) Ship high quality so each feature "needs to feel cohesive, work near flawlessly, and be the best iteration of itself for it to be valuable." (3) Make it easy for everyone on the team to ship. (4) Keep a weekly changelog to include all of the features shipped over the past week. (5) Optimize for developer autonomy.
To Handle Increased Stress, Build Your Resilience (2018)
- Ama Marston, Stephanie Marston
#MentalHealth #CareerAdvice

tl;dr: To cultivate resilience: (1) Reframe how you think about stress e.g. “how can I use the energy created by feeling stressed to..." (2) Create a healthy relationship to control and note factors out of your control. (3) Understand root causes. (4) Link learning with action e.g.“what can I learn from this?” instead of “why me?”

tl;dr: "One of the tasks given to me by the Python Software Foundation was to look at the state of CPython as an active software development project... What are people working on? Which standard libraries require most work? Who are the active experts behind which libraries? In this post I’m looking into our Git repository history and our Github PR data to find answers."
How To Use Github Copilot With Swift Using Visual Studio Code?
- An Tran
#Swift #GitHub

tl;dr: "Personally, I believe Github Copilot could potentially become a very helpful tool to generate code using API that developers are not familiar with, or common snippets that are popular enough to be generated automatically."

Notable GitHub Repos
A chrome extension for automating your browser by connecting blocks.

Python Mini Projects
A collection of simple python mini projects to enhance your python skills.

An open source SQL database designed to process time series data, faster.

Swift Markdown
A Swift package for parsing, building, editing, and analyzing Markdown documents.
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