Issue #329

28 June 2022

Issue #329
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#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: ICs often get sidetracked or stuck by: (1) Brainstorming: “I must have thought through all edge cases of all parts of everything before I begin this project.” (2) Researching possible solutions forever. (3) Refactoring: “this code could be cleaner and everything would be just so much easier if we cleaned this up.” (4) Helping other people instead of doing their assigned tasks. (5) Finishing the last 10–20% of a project. And more. 
STAR Method For Interview Questions
- Will Larson

tl;dr: Will offers the STAR template as a framework to respond to interview questions e.g. "Tell me about a time when you had to change your organizational structure to solve an important problem?” STAR: (1) Situation surrounding your task. (2) Task you undertook, or were assigned, to address the situation. (3) Actions to accomplish the task. (4) Results of your actions.
So You Want to Become a Sales Engineer?
- Allen Vailliencourt

tl;dr: What is the mystery behind the Sales Engineer career path, what makes it exciting, and how do you get here? This post dives into a typical day in the life of a Sales Engineer and gives tips on how you can jumpstart your career in Pre-Sales.

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Learning A Technical Subject
- Murat Demirbas
#CareerAdvice #Management

tl;dr: Murat believes cultivating the following attitudes helps navigate learning more easily: (1) curiosity, (2) relentlessness, (3) being a hands-on maker, (4) being social & learning to communicate well, (5) analyzing and drawing lessons, (6) leveraging previous experience. 
“A good engineer thinks in reverse and asks himself about the stylistic consequences of the components and systems he proposes.”

– Helmut Jahn

Pair Programming Is Difficult
- James Cross
#Management #PairProgramming

tl;dr: "I have tried to articulate some advice below for both the driver and navigator roles": (1) Agree a destination before you start. (2) Agree an estimated time of arrival. (3) There must be exactly 2 people and 2 roles. (4) Both people must be able to access a keyboard at all times during the session. And more.

Hard Things In Computer Science
- Nicolas Frankel

tl;dr: Nicolas gives an explanation as to why for each: (1) Cache invalidation. (2) Naming things. (3) Dates, times and timezones. (4) Estimates. (5) Distributed systems.

Commit 1 To 1000 And Beyond: Two Years Of Maintaining An Open-Source Project
- Sayan Nandan

tl;dr: "I started writing what is now known as Skytable, a NoSQL database project. Ever since, I have been maintaining Skytable, mostly in my free time and have recently been spending a lot of time on it. Here’s a little story on my two years of experience in maintaining an open-source project: what it’s like, the highs and lows and the future."

#Python #Dictionary
tl;dr: "The simplicity of organic code growth has a flip side: it becomes too hard to maintain. The proliferation of dicts as primary data structures is a clear signal of tech debt in your code. Fortunately, modern Python provides many viable alternatives to plain dicts."
Notable GitHub Repos
Tooll 3
Open source software to create realtime motion graphics.
SQLite extension to query Excel files as virtual tables.


Single-stage object detection framework dedicated to industrial apps.

Tiny library for creating reactive observables via functions in browsers.

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