Issue #251

10 September 2021

Issue #251

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How To Influence Without Authority
- Matthew Tse
#Leadership #Management
tl;dr: 3 ways to influence without authority at Atlassian: (1) The Psychologist: understand motivations and context of who you’re trying to influence & then work backwards to reach an outcome. (2) The Pitcher: Constantly explore and try different ways of framing ideas you want to influence. (3) The Activist: Create large movements by regularly sharing stories, perspectives and facts. Matthew guides us when and how to use each.
#Management #Security
tl;dr: The rise of security threats is a major problem, even for startups. But what can you realistically do to protect yourself with limited time & resources? In this post, we share advice from security experts on how to build a strong security team.

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#Hiring #Management
tl;dr: Most hiring funnels miss a closing call and the end of the hiring process. This is 2 steps: (1) Ask for the candidates concerns. (2) Answer them by telling the best version of the truth. "The artistry of the closing call is finding the most compelling path between their starting concerns and accepting your offer. Infrequently... you’ll come to realize that the role really doesn’t give the candidate what they’re looking for. It’s far better to realize now than after they’ve joined."
#CareerAdvice #Productivity
tl;dr: The thread of doom - when an email or slack chain descends into chaos can be a challenge. Two leadership tactics: (1) The rollup - reset the thread at a new point by summarizing it and a call to action e.g. "we're leaning towards A." (2) Ask embarrassingly basic questions, safer for managers to do. 
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My Love-hate Affair With Technology
- Nolan Lawson
tl;dr: Nolan swung from having the latest tech 10 years ago, to practicing a form of "tech veganism."He doesn't have a smart speaker or watch. His smart TV is hooked to an old PC for Netflix, Hulu, etc... This is driven by a believe that software should be "privacy-respecting, open-source, controlled by the user." He feels the benefits of this "asceticism," but maintains concern by the fact tjat others cannot live like this because they don't have the technical know how.
tl;dr: "For a service to be up 99.99999% of the time, it can only be down at most 3 seconds every year. Unfortunately, achieving that milestone is a herculean task, even for the most experienced site reliability engineering teams."
Root Cause Of Failure, Root Cause Of Success
- Lorin Hochstein

tl;dr: “Root cause of failure” doesn’t make sense in the context of complex systems failure, because a collection of control processes keep the system up and running. A system failure is a failure of this overall set of processes." Lorin draws an analogy to illustrate this and points to the fact that if there's no root cause of success, why should there be one for failure. 

A Vim Guide For Experts
- Matthieu Cneude
#Guide #Vim

tl;dr: "This is the sixth part of this series to learn Vim from the ground up."
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