Issue #136

11 April 2019

Issue #136
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tl;dr: Colleagues should be upfront with each other, be respectful and and have frank face-to-face conversations when needed. Leader should set a clear, well defined small set of goals. Lots of executional advice here. 

tl;dr: Six common biases explained. First is the "Anchoring Effect", when you overvalue an initial piece of data, second is "Authority Bias" where you overvalue the source's authority. Each bias comes with a way counteracting measure. 
More Developers, More Problems
- Christopher Forno

tl;dr: Lines of code is not a reliable indicator of bug count. More reliable indicators are number of developers and number of commits. This has implications for development methodologies, such as agile or test-driven that both encourage number of commits. 🛑 🐛
tl;dr: Author reached significant milestones early in her career & then felt like her career plateaued, suffering burnout. Article outlines new formed views on career progression, with a new outlook that "a lack of visible progress isn't always a lack of progress". 

#Management #Hiring
tl;dr: Adding engineers to a late project doesn't help. Scale by adding a few number of the best engineers. An outline of how to attract them, demotivating factors & where to find them. Funny hour long presentation 😂.


tl;dr: Distributed teams perform as well as in-person teams. However, there are issues in building connections and syncing schedules. Three recommendations - forge connections, spend time getting to know each other & set scheduling boundaries.

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tl;dr: Some thoughts on how to set boundaries - don't ask for prep work before starting a new job, don't setup work email or slack on your phone or personal computer. Don't take your laptop on vacation. 
tl;dr: The pyramid of doom is a heavily nested, impossible to read, chunk of code 🤯 usually caused by several factors - lack of planning, basic programming knowledge, the "complicated code is smart" mentality, "fix it later" mindset. Each cause comes with a cure. 


tl;dr: The author is reading and analyzing a RFC each day for 365 days. RFC stands for Request for Comments and is "intended to invite conversation rather than stand as a record of authoritative ideas". RFCs were traditionally typewritten with hand-drawn diagrams, and sent via the postal service. ✉️📮
tl;dr: New loading attribute for images and iframes helps content load quicker, reduces network data usage and reduces memory usage. It should be shipped as part of Chrome 75. 

tl;dr: Introduces a new syntax for specifying positional-only parameters in Python function definitions

CSS Battle
Kushagra GourKushagra Agarwal

tl;dr: Online CSS Code Golfing battleground where players replicate targets the in smallest possible CSS code. 
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