Issue #288

4 February 2022

Issue #288
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Finding Your Leadership Style
- Sally Lait
#Leadership #Management 

tl;dr: “In this post I’ll run through a whistlestop tour of the concept of leadership, and share some of the prompts that I’ve used to help people navigate this tricky topic.” Sally provides us with 5 prompts to help us hone in on what our personal leadership style.

Developing A Values Interview Question
- Jacob Kaplan-Moss

#Leadership #Management #Hiring

tl;dr: A company’s core values are important to consider when hiring but, how do you develop an interview question that measures those values? Jacob outlines 3 things: (1) Describe how the value influences action. (2) Figure out what behaviors are behind the value. (3) Find a situation where this value would influence behavior.

Take Our State of Startup Security Survey
#Management #Security

tl;dr: Are you a manager or decision maker in your organization? We want to hear from you! Take our first annual State of Startup Security Survey and (anonymously) share how your organization prioritizes security, what your scaling looks like, and how you unblock startup challenges. 

Promoted by Vanta.

Beautiful Technical Debt (2022)
- Rinat Abdullin
#TechnicalDebt #Management

tl;dr: “What looks like a technical debt in a software solution, might be the most efficient way for people to deliver business value in a given situation. There is a beauty in that, if observed from a distance.”

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think a lot of what people call intelligence boils down to curiosity.”

-  Aaron Swartz

Fixing Performance Regressions Before They Happen
#Netflix #Performance #Scale
tl;dr: “This post describes how the Netflix TVUI team implemented a robust strategy to quickly and easily detect performance anomalies before they are released — and often before they are even committed to the codebase.”
The Cost Of A Byte
- Noah Martin
 #Mobile #ThoughtPiece #ClimateAction

tl;dr: “Researchers from MIT, Purdue, and Yale demonstrated that turning off the camera during a Zoom meeting shrinks the environmental footprint by 96%.” This inspired Noah to think about a mobile app’s carbon footprint and he shows us how adding or removing 1MB in app size can have a surprisingly large impact.

tl;dr: “We chose pitfalls that we believe are less known in the developer community:” (1) All assert statements are ignored when code is optimised. (2) MakeDirs permissions. (3) Absolute path joins, and more.
The Major Software Industry Trends From 2021 And What To Watch In 2022
- Daniel Bryant, Wesley Reisz
tl;dr: (1) Hybrid working is here to stay but key questions remain e.g. how many days a week should we be in the office? (2) Companies that have been effective at developing loosely coupled systems - often with a microservices architecture - were better set up to work remotely and using a distributed approach. (3) Three interesting developments in the data engineering and AI/ML space in 2021, outlined here, and more.
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