Issue #183

22 May 2020

Issue #183
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tl;dr: (1) Know your performance numbers, (2) approximate with powers, (3) leverage the rule of 72 and Little's Law.
tl;dr: As remote work becomes a normal, written communication becomes more critical. Good is the enemy of great - employees should be encouraged to write imperfectly to share ideas. Best practices are outlined here. 
Product For Internal Platforms
- Camille Fournier
#BestPractice #InternalTools
tl;dr: The role of building products for your own engineering team requires atypical product management. Camille discusses how it's unique, and her approach. 
Jepsen: MongoDB 4.2.6
- Kyle Kingsbury
tl;dr: "Jepsen evaluated MongoDB version 4.2.6, and found that even at the strongest levels of read and write concern, it failed to preserve snapshot isolation." A thorough analysis. 
What Is Deno And Will It Replace NodeJS?
- Fernando Doglio
#Deno #NodeJS
tl;dr: Created by the author of Node, Deno is a new JS runtime for the backend written in Rust with a "more complete standard library," enhance security and integrated Typescript. 
The IKEA Effect
- Dimitris Karapanos
tl;dr: "A cognitive bias in which consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created." There are strategies highlighted to stop going down this common path. 

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tl;dr: "It took Lisa Piccirillo less than a week to answer a long-standing question about a strange knot discovered over half a century ago by the legendary John Conway."
tl;dr: Hard work is hard, the real issue is distraction. Nir outlines how he eliminates distraction. 
tl;dr: A high-level look back at how the language and community has evolved. 
#Facebook #Architecture
tl;dr: The FB team built a client driven app anchoring the rebuild with 2 mantras. (1) As little as possible, as early as possible, (2) engineering experience in service of user experience. 
Announcing TypeScript 3.9
- Daniel Rosenwasser
tl;dr: (1) Improvements in inference and promise.all (2) speed performance (3) uncalled function checks in conditional expressions, and more. 
- Connor Clark
tl;dr: (1) New metrics (2) performance score update (3) New audits, and more.

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