Issue #102.1

26 October 2016

Issue #102.1

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Are Programmer Brains Different?
- Written by Eric Elliott, Entrepreneur and Javascript Developer
Being an Affective Ally to Women and Non-Binary People
- Written by Toria Gibbs, Search Infrastructure Engineer at Etsy
How to Design APIs That Don't Suck
- Written by Anup Cowkur, Google Developer Expert for Android
Instant Messaging at LinkedIn: Scaling to Hundreds of Thousands of Persistent Connections on One Machine
- Written by Akhilesh Gupta, Staff Software Engineer
The Myth of the Root Cause: How Complex Web Systems Fail
- Written by Mathias Lafeldt, Infrastructure Developer
Reverse Engineering Using Chrome
- Written by Viacheslav Rudkovskyi, Software Engineer

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How To Build Your Own Self-Driving Car Toy
- Written by Ryan Zotti, Principal Data Engineer at Capital One
Capturing Packets in Linux at a Speed of Millions of Packets per Second without Using Third Party Libraries
- Written by Pavel Odintsov, System Engineer at CloudFlare
Introducing the Web Share API
- Written by Paul Kinlan, Web Advocate at Google
DevDocs - API Documentation Browser
- Written by Thibaut Courouble, Lead Developer at Shopify
Netflix Chaos Monkey Upgraded
- Written by the Chaos Engineering Team at Netflix
Next.js, a Small Framework for Server-rendered Universal JavaScript Webapps
- Written by Naoyuki Kanezawa, Guillermo Rauch and Tony Kovanen, Engineers at Zeit

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