Issue #97.1

14 September 2016

Issue #97.1

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Live Asynchronously
- Written by Quincy Larson, Teacher at FreeCodeCamp
So You Want to Be a Functional Programmer (Part 2)
- Written by Charles Scalfani, CTO at Panoramic Software
Cognitive Bias Sheet
- Written by Bustor Benson, Product at Slack
Learning How to Code Neural Networks
- Written by Per Harald Borgen, Developer at Xeneta
Machine Learning in a Year
- Written by Per Harald Borgen, Developer at Xeneta
Moving Towards a More Secure Web
- Written by Emily Schechter, Chrome Security Team

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What, Exactly, Makes Something a Progressive Web App
- Written by Alex Russell, Software Engineer at Google Chrome
MinMaxing: Understanding vMin and vMax in CSS
- Written by Dudley Storey, Web Development Writer, Teacher and Speaker
If Your Code Accepts URIs as Input
- Written by Steve Kemp, Senior System Administator at Bytemark
API First Tranformation at Etsy - Concurrency
- Written by Stefanie Schirmer, Software Engineer at Etsy
Deep Exploration into Python: Let's Review the Dict Module
- Written by Andrew Kelleher, Software Engineer at Buzzfeed
AI Challenge in 78 Lines
- Written by Pascal Van Kooten, Data Analytics Specialist at Jibes

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