Issue #278

21 December 2021

Issue #278

Tuesday 21st December's issue is presented by Stream
Inspection And The Limits Of Trust
- Will Larson
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: As a leader, you must trust your team. However, trusting your team can, a times, be at odds with helping them succeed. Human error or bad processes can come into play. Will uses "inspected trust:" when someone "brings a problem or a concern to you, trust them that there is a problem, but give yourself space to independently verify their interpretation of the problem." He highlights various ways of doing this.

Group Dynamics: Norms and Emotion
- Ed Batista
#Leadership #Management

tl;dr: For a leader to enable her team to be more effective, 3 conditions must be met: (1) Mutual trust amongst members. (2) A group identity i.e. members belong to a unique and worthwhile group. (3) Sense of group efficacy i.e. the belief that group members are more effective working together. At the heart of these is the ability to create awareness of emotions and regulate them, and Ed presents a framework of 14 questions, and a step-by-step process that allows a group to assess where they are collectively.

Compose Chat Messaging Tutorial

tl;dr: Try Stream's brand new Chat SDK for Jetpack Compose today! The tutorial shows you how to add an in-app messaging feature with just a few lines of code, as well as the flexibility and customization options available for the components. All open-source, open for feedback and contributions.

Promoted by Stream.

tl;dr: Seth shares a few scripts written by the engineering manager of the infrastructure team at Gitlab, who is tasked with coordinating large scale infrastructure and code improvements. The scripts parse issues and epics in order to gain better visibility into the work that needs to be done.

A Note From Stream

Free Activity Feeds & Chat APIs for Qualifying Teams. Stream’s scalable APIs & SDKs come with all the building blocks to ship a custom messaging or activity feed experience that rivals leading social platforms.
Holiday Book Recommendations for Engineering Managers, Software Engineers and Product Managers
- Gergely Orosz
tl;dr: 95 recommendations divided by genres such as engineering management, engineering leadership & org design, software engineering careers, leadership and business, and others. 
tl;dr: "The goal of this post is to help remind you to reflect on your current development process. Is there some piece of your pipeline taking longer than it needs to? Is there a way to create some debug tools that makes it easier to test a change? Would unit testing bring benefits, but you keep avoiding it because you think there’s a big upfront cost to it?"
The Container Throttling Problem
- Dan Luu
#Container #Twitter

tl;dr: "At Twitter, most CPU bound services start falling over at around 50% reserved container CPU utilization and almost all services start falling over at not much more CPU utilization even though CPU bound services should, theoretically, be able to get higher CPU utilizations." This document describes potential solutions. 
Trying Out Generics In Go
- Mark Phelps
tl;dr: "I think that generics will be very beneficial to maintainers who create libraries for things like... searching, sorting, transformations, and the like. I can also see some them being extremely helpful for creating well-tested libraries around the various concurrency patterns that are sometimes tricky to get right."
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DeepMind Research
Implementations and illustrative code to accompany DeepMind publications.

The high-performance build system for JavaScript & TypeScript codebases.

Tool for finding memory leaks in web apps.

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