Issue #93.1

10 August 2016

Issue #93.1

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Good Code Is It's Own Best Documentation
- Written by Amit Shekhar, Android Lead at BobbleApp
Why Lack of Confidence Can Make You a Better Programmer
- Written by Itamar Turner-Trauring, Principal Software Engineer at Datawire
I Don't Care How Well You Code, Understand Your Compensation
- Written by Arthur Levy, Head of Partnerships at Teespring 
Validating Email Adresses with a Regex? Do Yourself a Favor and Don't
- Written by Patrick Ahlbrecht, Founder of Onyxbits 
Designing Pythonic APIs
- Written by Noam Elfanbaum, Python Developer and Instructor at CloudLock
1M Rows From Postgres to Python
- Written by Elvis Pranskevichus, Founder of

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AI's Language Problem
- Written by Will Knight, Writer at the Technology Review
Image Completion With Deep Learning in TensorFlow and Python
- Written by Brandon Amos, CS PhD student at CMU. Machine Learning and Optimization.
#Python #DeepLearning #AI
- Written by Sergey Fedorov, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
A Quick Look at the React and Redux DevTools
- Written by Chris Coyier, Web Designer and Developer
PostgreSQL vs Linux Kernel Versions
- Written by Thomas Vondra, PostgreSQL engineer at 2ndQuadrant 
- Written by Max Stoiber, Front-end Developer

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